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All-Ireland Quiz: End of the road

October 15, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

Today FM quiz tableFor those who didn’t manage to listen in to Today FM for yesterday’s match in the Ray D’Arcy Show All-Ireland Quiz, I’m sorry to report that my team, Universally Challenged, were defeated by 4 pts.

It was a tough defeat, as we only lost one of the three rounds. Alas, it was the 1v1 buzzer round, the only one which allows for a large gap between the teams, and that’s what happened to us.  At the end of that round, we were trailing by 16 pts to 9 and, with a maximum of 9 pts available for the final round, it was always going to be very unlikely that we could turn it around.

We did our best and, indeed, we did win the final round by 9 pts to 6, but that left the final score at:

The Mathemagicians 22 – Universally Challenged 18

“But, sure there’s always next year…” we’ve already been told by several, well-meaning friends.

Perhaps.  It’ll depend on a few things. Firstly, will the Ray D’Arcy show team decide to do it again? Secondly, if they ever chance upon this blog, I hope they’ll take some advice and tweak the format of the live quizzes slightly.

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All-Ireland Quiz on-air

October 13, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

on-airIt’s now less than 24 hours until our team, Universally Challenged, will be live, on national radio, for our knockout round of the Ray D’Arcy Show All-Ireland Quiz.

If you’d like to hear how we get on, or even just want to know what I sound like, then tune in to Today FM (that’s 100-102 MHz in Ireland) or else click on the “Today FM Live!” link in the top-right of

We’ll be on-air from about 11.20am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, in what will be the penultimate first round match.

Wish us luck!

Quality All-Ireland Quiz: Video

September 21, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

A final post on last week’s Sligo qualifier for the All-Ireland Quiz.  Here’s a short video I recorded as Ray D’Arcy announced the final scores.


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Quality All-Ireland Quiz: Answers

September 18, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

Quiz radioHere are the answers to the 10 questions I posted earlier in the Quality All-Ireland Quiz article.

I was listening to the show this morning and Ray revealed that the questions were written by the same man who did them for Blackboard Jungle (the quiz show, not the movie), back in the day. That’s kinda cute IMO. I do wonder what this fellow’s been doing in the meantime though?!

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Quality All-Ireland Quiz

September 18, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

Free t-shirt!The opening round of the Ray D’Arcy Show All-Ireland Quiz took place in Sligo last night with myself and my team-mates in attendance.

The aim of the night was to find four teams who would then go through to 1v1 knockout rounds, live on Today FM, in October.  I’m delighted to say that you’ll be hearing our voices on-air next month as our team, Universally Challenged, managed to finish in the top four – just!

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Sign up for the All-Ireland Quiz

August 30, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

Quiz radioThe Ray D’Arcy show on Today FM are organising an All-Ireland (table) quiz, with up to 200 teams taking part over four qualifying heats, on-air quarter and semi-finals and a live final on Friday 23rd October.  For more information, check out

The four qualifiers take place in Sligo, Cork, Dublin and Kilkenny, with a maximum of 50 teams taking part each night.

I’m not sure how many teams will qualify from each round but it will have to be at least two as that would provide the eight teams needed for those quarter-finals (if they are simple 1v1 affairs).

If you’d like to enter a team, get on to quick, as the first qualifier is due to take place on Thursday September 17.