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After the Fact series debut

August 13, 2013 in Quiz Show

Here it is, the podcast version of the first episode in the third series of After the Fact, in a suitably over-the-top player:

After the Fact: Number 1 by Claremorrisfm on Mixcloud

After the Fact is back! Tonight!

August 9, 2013 in Quiz Show

atf_robot_logoAfter the Fact, the quiz show I host on Claremorris Community Radio, is all set to return for its third series.

This return to the airwaves is taking place in the unusual time slot* of 8pm tonight (Friday) as it is part of the 2013 CCR Broadcastathon, a fundraiser in which volunteers broadcast continuously for 48 hours to help pay the station’s bills.

The Broadcastathon kicks off at 5pm this evening (I’m also one of the hosts of that show, as it happens!) with ATF then fourth on the running order. Last year’s captains, Lorraine Murphy and Andrew Newman, are both returning for another series. Tonight they will be joined by two team-mates with a heap of ATF experience, Gordon Campbell and Anne McLoughlin. The topic for this special episode will be the number one.

You can listen in online via or watch the show (!) on

* Well, it’s not Thursdays at 7pm. There’s nothing otherwise unusual about it…

Long-distance quizzing

December 27, 2012 in Quiz Show

SkypeAs some of you may know, I host a quiz show on a local radio station, Claremorris Community Radio.  It’s called After the Fact and it’s broadcast (“live”, as Bill O’Herlihy would undoubtedly say) on Thursday evenings at 7pm.

This week’s show will be a technological step into the unknown.  You see, one of our regular captains, Lorraine, has decamped to her native Cork for the holidays.

Not to be put off, we shall be coming over all Eurovision Song Contest in the 1980s and continuing the show using the wonders of modern telephony!  Or internet telephony, to be precise.  That’s right, this week’s After the Fact will be facilitated by Skype!

It will also be something of a family and inter-city affair as Lorraine and her brother will go up against Andrew and his father.  You can listen in as the fireworks fly on tonight at 7pm on or

The luck of the draw?

October 5, 2012 in Quiz Show

My radio show, After the Fact, is now six episodes into its second season on Claremorris Community Radio.

Throughout the whole of the first series, which ran to 28 episodes, we only had one draw (or ‘tie’, if you’re American).

Who knows what’s happened since but, at this early stage, one third of season two has finished with level scores.  Are the questions harder – or easier? Have the contestants gotten smarter – or dumber? Or is it all down to luck?

If you don’t have an answer for those questions yet, why not listen to last night’s show, Europe, via the widget below?! Yes, I guess I am giving away the ending but it’s the journey that’s fun!

Finally, if you’d prefer, you can subscribe to the show via iTunes.

After the Fact: Marathon edition

September 2, 2012 in Quiz Show

For those of you who missed last night’s special edition of After the Fact, you can now watch a recording of the show via the window below.  It takes about two minutes to start and then runs for the first hour of the video.

After the Fact returns – you can watch!

September 1, 2012 in Quiz Show

That’s right quiz fans, After the Fact, the award-winning community radio quiz show returns this evening for its second series.

From next Thursday, it will revert to its regular broadcast slot; that is, Thursdays at 7pm.  However, as part of the Claremorris Community Radio Broadcastathon, we decided to present the debut tonight, Saturday, at 8pm.  As always, you can listen in to the show, via

However, this special event comes with special circumstances.  Firstly, we are broadcasting from a new, specially created (and incredibly spacious) studio.  More importantly though, as the Broadcastathon is being filmed and streamed on, you can tune in there and actually WATCH After the Fact take place.

So please do.  The topic for the show’s questions will be, not too surprisingly, marathons.  Alas, Clancy our robot scorekeeper has already informed me that he’s a bit camera-shy and will probably remain just out of frame.

I’d like to thank the Academy…

May 30, 2012 in Quiz Show

After the Fact, the quiz show I hosted on Claremorris Community Radio last Winter (you know, the one I plugged mercilessly on this site!) can now officially be referred to as an award-winning production!

At their annual awards bash last weekend, Craol (the umbrella organisation for the community radio stations of Ireland), awarded After the Fact a merit award in the ‘Specialist Speech’ category.

In their official adjudication, the judges commended the programme, stating that “the presenters obviously have a great rapport, and the production values make for a very listenable show.”

As the host of the show, I’d like to thank everyone who took part over the 28 shows especially, of course, the two regular captains Andrew Newman and Marcella Connolly. We’d best get cracking on series 2!

If’d you like to listen back to any of the 28 award-winning episodes, feel free to check out the show page or subscribe via iTunes.

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This week’s quizzing…

March 27, 2012 in Housekeeping, Quiz Show

A few things of interest for you this week:

  1. Last week, I converted the Quizopædia into a wiki.  You can now add facts or correct errors so please feel free to do so.  I’m going to retain the ability to have final say on things though so no funny stuff!
  2. The final (scheduled) episode of After the Fact will be broadcast live on Thursday evening at 7pm.  If you’d like to listen in, please go to Claremorris Community Radio‘s page anytime around then and click on the Listen Live link.  The series is finely poised with Team A leading by a single show.  Thus, if Team B can get the win on Thursday (the topic is Zero, by-the-way) the series will have to go into extra-time! That is, we’ll have an extra show next week. Either way, this week’s show will be quite exciting.  For more info, check out our After the Fact page.
  3. The next competition window in the IQA’s Hot 100 world quiz rankings event opens tomorrow, Wednesday 28th, and runs until 10pm on Monday next.  If you’d like to give it a go, please email me at  Only two of us gave it a go last month so we’d definitely be keen on some more company.  We’ll probably do it in Galway city again, sometime over the weekend.  Whatever suits people best.