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Galway knowledge answers

February 26, 2014 in Quizzes


Rightyo, here are the answers to the questions I posted as part of the post General and Galway knowledge last week.

Click the link to see ’em…

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General and Galway knowledge quiz

February 20, 2014 in Quizzes

Where did this come from?

Where did this come from?

My first turn in a quiz hotseat in 2014 took place last night in the King’s Head in Galway.

This was the first of four quizzes I will be hosting over the coming months and a pretty good crowd of 18 tables took part. Of the 18, there was one team way out in front. The winners (named, in up-to-the-minute fashion, ‘GSOC hackers’) scored 82/100, a massive 14 points ahead of two teams in second place.

There was a second prize on offer so a playoff for this then ensued. Thankfully we were all spared the nightmare of playoffs, that the playoff itself ends up as a tie, when one of the teams, the Spartans, had a clear 3-0 win. I think the team who ended up in third had won a couple of raffle prizes earlier, so hopefully everyone left happy.

The quiz was in aid of a defibrilator and defibrilation training for the Latin Quarter area of the city – a very worthy cause. It was advertised as being on “General and Galway Knowledge” so I did my best to include at least one Galway-related question per round. Then, for safety’s sake, I included an entire round of Galway trivia!

I’ve included a sample of the night’s questions after the break.

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Getting back to quizzing

February 18, 2014 in Quizzes


January was quite the month, what with the documentary and an ensuing newspaper article, both detailing my involvement in quizzes.

Since then, alas, I haven’t had much time to think about quizzes as my mother became seriously ill a few weeks back. She’s still in hospital but is recovering, I’m glad to report.

Before that, I had agreed to once again become the quizmaster for a series of quizzes in The King’s Head bar in Galway. Now that mum is on the mend, I will be able to follow through and that commitment and host as planned. Which is a good job, as the first one is scheduled for tomorrow night.

Here is the upcoming calendar of quizzes, hosted by yours truly:

  • February 19th: Galway Latin Quarter Quiz (“GK”: both general and Galway knowledge)
  • March 10th: Oscars 2014 Movie Quiz
  • April 21st: Third annual Galway Food Festival Quiz
  • May 19th: World Cup Finals Quiz

Don’t forget either the two IQO-run quiz events which are scheduled for the next few weeks. This Friday the IQO teams up with SVP for a charity quiz and, on March 8th, the second annual Irish Quizzing Open will take place. Both of these events will take place in the ‘Wembley’ of Irish quizzing, the Addison Lodge in Dublin.

Thankfully the rest of the group have taken care of all the organising for these events which means a double win for me as I’ll get to take part in both of them. Thanks folks!

If you’re at a loose end in Galway…

May 13, 2013 in Quizzes


I’ll just leave this here…

Something to sink your teeth into 2

April 8, 2013 in Quizzes

Before I begin, I’d like to invite anyone around Galway to come along to a quiz I’m hosting in aid of YAP Ireland in Flannery’s Hotel, Renmore, on Thursday evening, at 8pm. It should be a great night and it’s definitely a great cause.

Odlums-editIt’s time for me to reveal the answers to the questions I posed in last weekend’s Food Quiz-related article.

In that article, I forgot to mention the contribution a team called ‘The Louisiana Purchase’ made to the night’s entertainment. These were four American students who were always at a disadvantage following Round 3, the Irish food company logos (see below). However, they accepted their handicap with good grace and played on for the rest of the night, even finishing less than 10 points behind their nearest rivals.

As a reward, we threatened them with a glass of the slops of the liquid tasting round but, you’ll be glad to learn, that didn’t come true. In fact, the bar gave them a round on the house. I think they were happy with this outcome. 😉

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Something to sink your teeth into

April 6, 2013 in Quizzes

food-quiz-screenLast Monday night, the second annual Galway Food Festival came to a close. Like its first year, the final event of the weekend was a table quiz hosted by The King’s Head, High Street. Also, like last year, I was the quiz masterchef.

It’s rare, even for me, to do the exact same event one year on. This did enable me to put into action some of the advice/feedback I received 12 months ago, following that first food quiz.

In 2012, everyone had loved the taster round (which included the likes of cumin seed, thyme and cardamon) so this year we had two! I added a liquid-based taster round to programme. Thankfully, everyone enjoyed it. There were even calls for a second round of samples! 🙂

That was about the height of it for drink fans though. Last year’s feedback had also included an email telling me that there were too many drink questions! So, I made the quiz almost entirely food-based this year. Well, it is a food festival, to be fair.

The first year’s champions, The Kitchen, were invited up on stage at the start of the night to be presented with a commemorative plate, designed by Judy Greene. Would they be returning to the stage again at the end of the night, I wondered…
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US of Answers

December 3, 2012 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions posed in the USA quiz post from the end of last week.

Well done to anyone who got all of them for you had a much tougher assignment than the teams in The King’s Head last week. On the night, each of the photos was shown on the big screen (as opposed to having a one-tenth share of an A4 page) and the year each of the musical tracks won its Grammy was also displayed as the song played.

Indeed, I was very lax in not including some extra information regarding question 5 in the sports picture round. It’s a photo of two NFL officials. What was I looking for, you probably wondered. What I actually asked in that case was: which of these officials is in charge?

Ok, with that out of the way, click on the more… to see the answers.

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The USA quiz

November 29, 2012 in Quizzes

Apologies to all who were waiting on my report from the USA quiz I hosted in The King’s Head, Galway, on Monday night last.  I’ve been very busy at work this week, I’m afraid.  This work has born fruit with the launch yesterday of the Claremorris Community Radio iPhone app, which you can download for free on the Apple App Store.  It’ll come in handy on Thursday nights for After the Fact. 🙂

Right, so back to last Monday.  Firstly, I was delighted with the large crowd who turned up.  The main floor of the bar was full – indeed several late-arriving tables had to move upstairs and look down on the stage from the balcony.  As an aside, it’s a bit strange to have quiz-goers looking down on you as you ask the questions…

Most of the crowd were actual American citizens.  Indeed the winning team were a family on holiday from Detroit, Michigan.  Naturally, it shouldn’t be too surprising that people from the country on which the quiz was based would win but it was a close run thing.  I did try to introduce a little randomness to the questions (more on that in a minute) and also added some clues to the questions to aid the Irish people in the room.

I was subject to some light-hearted heckling throughout the night about my pronunciations.  I don’t think I was that bad but one table in particular seemed to have appointed themselves the pronunciation police.  Such examples of heinous error on my part included called the capital of Montana “Heleena” (as opposed to “Hellena”), calling Holyoke as “holly-yoke” (and not “hole-yoke”) and calling the explosive springs in Yellowstone “geezers” (they said it should have been “guy-zers”).  For the last one, I finally decided to test THEM out and asked for a show of hands for the correct form.  It finished about 60/40 for their version but that hardly made me such a language criminal, did it!?

The quiz featured two picture rounds (one about cowboys and one about US sport) and two audio rounds (‘Songs involving America’ and Grammy record of the year winners).  I’ve included one of each after the jump for you to try.

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