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The craic table

October 15, 2012 in Culture, Housekeeping came up short at the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday night last.  We were defeated in the Best Popculture category, as I had predicted earlier in the day, by the excellent A Year of Festivals in Ireland.  Seriously, check it out.

The big event took place in the Osprey Hotel in Naas and saw awards being handed out to winners in 28 categories, the presentations being interspersed with the three courses of a lovely meal.  In spite of the whole non-winning thing, myself and Mrs had a great night, thanks majorly to the other nominees who shared our table (Table #9).

In a big picture sense, we were all losers.  Literally, five of the seven of us were nominees so you’d have expected that the chances of at least one award (or vase, in this case) sitting on our table by the end of the night were good.  Alas, none of us got called to the stage.

This was a shame for us of course.  It was also a shame for the organisers as we were ACTUALLY THERE.  By my count seven categories were won by bloggers who, for various reasons I’m sure, hadn’t travelled to Naas.  One particular chap took on the role of phantom collector and, by the end of the night, he was getting cheers every time he appeared!

This wasn’t the only wrinkle the organisers had to deal with.  While the hotel is pretty new, and the rooms were quite swanky, their sound system is awful.  That’s not the organisers’ fault though.  On the flip side, I was a bit disappointed for the winners of the first 10 awards (handed out before the starter course) as they weren’t even asked if they’d like to say a few words.  Presumably some of them must have been annoyed at this as the MC announced at the start of the second 10 awards that winners could now give a speech, if they so chose.  Great for them but those first 10 winners never did get a chance to come back to the stage.

The night’s big winners were Wise Words, winner of four awards including the blue riband Blog of the Year gong (an even bigger vase), and Molly Moo, the winner of three awards.  Our own table of ‘winners’ featured: The World’s Talking, Nessa’s Family Kitchen, Bake for the Border and Greig Houghton Photography (the last two being a high-achieving husband-and-wife).  Ok, we won nothing but I’m claiming an honourary ‘Loudest Table’ prize as even the MC was forced to acknowledge us.  Then again, we were probably louder than she was, due to the crap microphone.

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