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Quiz Challenge: The answers …er… questions

May 25, 2009 in Competition

Seamus Darby's Offaly jerseyThe blog’s first Quiz Challenge ended on Friday evening last and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter. I did my best to reply to everyone promptly with their score but, if it took a little bit longer than you expected, I’m sorry for that.

I hope everyone liked the format of the challenge. The thinking behind it was this: if I’d simply posted 10 questions, I’m sure I’d have gotten several contestants scoring 10/10. This is the era of google and all.  So, as every answer has several possible questions, this format brought a little touch of lottery to the whole thing.

And so it turned out as no-one scored higher than 7. I then had to co-opt the services of my good lady wife, who did her duty by randomly picking one of the six contestants who had reached that score. So congratulations to Pearse Ward from Dublin whose name was first out of the hat! A copy of Trivial Pursuit will shortly be winging its way to his house.

Click read more… to have a look at the actual questions.

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Quiz Challenge: Pick your prize

May 19, 2009 in Competition

Mystery boxThere are only four days to go in the blog’s first Quiz Challenge and I can now announce the potential prizes that are up for grabs.

Before I do that though I must thank everyone who’s entered so far. The top score, at this point, is 7 so, if you haven’t entered yet and you think you can do better, be sure and email me the 10 questions you think I used to arrive at the Challenge answers to

Now there is a recession on after all, so the blog (i.e. me) can only afford to one prize this time.  With that in mind, the winner will be able to choose between these two fabulous quiz-related prizes:

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Our first Quiz challenge

May 7, 2009 in Competition

Jeopardy!To celebrate the launch of the blog’s new name, web address and design, I’m going to hold a competition for blog readers over the next few weeks. I’ll even produce a mystery prize for the event. (Note: yes, the prize will be more than just the honour or glory of winning!)

The challenge is my own interpretation of that classic American quiz show, Jeopardy!

I have posted a quiz answer sheet with 10 answers and anyone can enter by sending what they think are the 10 related questions to by Friday May 22, at 6pm. The person with the most correct questions wins, simple as that.

You can find out more, see some clues and, of course, the answers at

Welcome to

April 29, 2009 in Housekeeping

Officially openThis blog was born in a fit of humourous rage back in November.  Since then we’ve ambled along, meeting once a week or so, for some quizzing distraction.  Time flies when you’re having fun and I must have been because, almost without noticing it, the blog already has over 60 posts!

So I now feel the time has come to declare my commitment to this relationship.

To this end, you may already have noticed that the blog is no longer just plain old

From today, it’s officially

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