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Within the last few months, I’ve endevoured to create the Quizopaedia, a facts resource which will include all those questions that come up time-and-again at quizzes.

I’ve decided to make the Quizopaedia open to all for editing.  Anyone who’s logged-in now has the right to add to the quizopaedia (or correct anything egregiously wrong they spot).

I’m still editor-in-chief, so I’ll oversee all edits and nip in the bud any messing that goes on.

Collective Nouns

Sometimes I think that Collective Nouns were created just to frustrate the quiz contestant. Wikipedia tells us that “the first known collection of specific names for collective groups of animals was published in 1486 in The Book of Saint Albans, in an essay on hunting attributed to Dame Juliana Berners. Many of the words are thought to have been chosen simply for the humorous or poetic images they conjured up in her lively imagination.” Indeed. As I’ve said previously, if I ruled the world, I’d abolish all but three: herd, flock and bunch! Until that day comes, you’d better check out our list of Collective Nouns.


Phobias are a different beast. I can see the justification for their existance. Medical issues are almost infinite in their granularisation. However, why do they have to be based on ancient Greek? Yes, the -phobia suffix is greek, but what’d be wrong with saying someone suffered from “catophobia” instead of Ailurophobia? Nothing, I reckon! Anyway, here’s a list of phobias.

County Towns and State Capitals

Why are we so obsessed with US State Capitals? We have our own County towns – and some of them are hard enough to remember if you’re not from there. After that, why do we go to America? Why not France, Portugal or Azerbaijan? I think it’s down to two factors: 1) we’re vaguely familiar with them all, given how much US culture we absorb during our lives and 2) there are 50 of them, which is enough to mean there’s always one you can’t quite remember. Click here for a list and a handy map. Here is a list of French region capitalsItalian region capitals and  capitals of Canadian provinces and territories.

Phonetic Alphabet

Do you know your alpha from your zulu? How about the letters in between? Do you even know what I’m on about? Best check out this list of words that make up the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Wine Bottles

I don’t know why the Champagne industry couldn’t be contented with the same bottle size as the rest of the wine world. However, their determination to be different has left some scope for question setters to test contestants. Be prepared by reading up on the Champagne Bottle Sizes.

Murderous Knowledge

The next time you decide to go on a mad killing spree, at least show some common courtesy and learn the name of the crime you are about to commit. Here is a list of murder crimes by name.

Commemorative Days

Here is a list of Commemorative Days and Dates which crop up in quizzes from time to time.

Medical Names for Body Parts

There’s practically a name for every part of our anatomy, here is a collection of medical terms for parts of the body.

Animal Adjectives

The odd question on animal related terms comes up now and again so here is a list of animal adjectives.

International Organisation Headquarters

Some locations of Headquarters for International Organisations can be found here.

Number of Players on Sports Teams

Here is a guide to the number of players per sports team.

Fictional Places

A handy-to-know collection of Fictional Place Names in Television., Films, Books, etc.

American Related Lists

A few bits and pieces that are handy to know. American trivia lists

Dependent Territories, Self-Governing Dependencies and Overseas Departments

A list of Dependent, Overseas and Self-Governing Territories/Countries.`

International Airports

Do you know where you would be if you were boarding a plane at McCarron International Airport or how about which airport  has been renamed in honour of Christopher Columbus? Do you know your La Guardia from your Larnaca or your Findel from your Schipol? If, like me, these questions continue to haunt you then you should probably check out this handy list of International Airports by Location. Even if you don’t manage to frequent any of these locations too often it is always useful to familiarise yourself with some of the names as they tend to come up in quizzing from time to time.

Lead Vocalists by Group

Who is the lead singer of the group……? If you find your heart sinking at the sound of those words then perhaps it’s time to arm yourself in advance with a browse through this list of Lead Vocalists by Group.

Animals in Fiction

Here is a collection of Animals which appear in Fiction.

Sporting Nicknames

A reference for American Football Teams, Ice Hockey Teams, NBA Teams, Baseball TeamsRugby Nicknames, Football Nicknames, Golfing Nicknames, Snooker Nicknames

Sports Venues

A guide to host cities of major sporting events, home grounds of clubs and venues of annual sporting competitions: Olympic host cities, FIFA World Cup hosts, Commonwealth Games host cities, IAAF World Athletics Championships host cities, Football home grounds, Rugby Stadia.

Sports Trophies and Awards

Do you know in which sport the Stanley Cup is competed for? How about the Calcutta Cup, Hopman Cup or Corbillon Cup? Or do you know the name of the Cup awarded to the winning team in the women’s Senior All-Ireland Camogie Final? You’ll be sure to pick up some new items to deposit in the trivia bank in this reference guide to Sports Trophies and Awards. (Page Coming Soon)

Gods and Deities

Most cultures in history have had their own gods and deities that they paid homage to and worshipped…. this worship continues to the present day in the form of quizmasters and their tendency to delve into the topic for the sake of tormenting quizzers with a question about some obscure god of  some sort…even the gods of love and the gods of war, etc. can be a nightmare to remember at times what with there being such gods across different cultures…Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Celtic, Norse and so on. Best way to make the quiz gods happy and to avoid their wrath is to familiarise yourselves with this reference guide to Gods and Deities by culture (Page coming soon).

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bones of the human body, obscure capitals, ad infinitum etc.

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