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November 28, 2008 in Quizzes


Right, sorry for the delay.

Here are the answers to the questions in the Brain of Mensa post.

  1. Bayou
  2. Eugene Cernan
  3. Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn
  4. Beyond the Fringe
  5. Nineveh
  6. Swansea
  7. (Gold) Dolphins
  8. Renoir
  9. Red, white and blue
  10. Ottawa, Ontario
  11. It will sink when fresh and gradually gains buoyancy as it ages
  12. Everton
  13. Maria Stuart
  14. Helium
  15. Edmond Halley
  16. Sign up for the Chicago Cubs baseball team
  17. Cherokee
  18. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  19. How To Win Friends and Influence People
  20. Marco Materazzi
  21. Lieutenant Kijé
  22. Milk, Egg Yolk and Sugar
  23. Worcester
  24. Brownsea Island
  25. Vyacheslav Molotov (original name Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Skriabin)
  26. Fulling
  27. Tennis
  28. Henry Tudor (later Henry VII)
  29. Republic
  30. Wigan Casino
  31. Nero
  32. Germany, Sweden and Finland
  33. Belgae
  34. A Christmas Carol
  35. Eddie Braben
  36. Where kidnap victims start to sympathize with their captors
  37. Argent
  38. New Hampshire
  39. Spa-Francorchamps
  40. Get Back

Those feeling honest can post their scores below!

1 response to Brain of Mensa answers

  1. I’m not happy with the custard, You can have unsweetened custard and I’ve never seen it made without cornflour. Harumph!

    I also got Errol Flynn but not his leading lady, mad guess on helium served me well (I thought it’d be a gas on that side of the table)

    Ones I got: 1, 2 (half point?), 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 17, 19, 26, 31, 34, 36, 40.

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