Rhode Island Red answers

November 17, 2008 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the picture round I included at the end of Rhode Island Red.


  1. John Mullane
  2. David Fitzgerald
  3. Dan Shanahan
  4. Africa*
  5. Gerry Collins
  6. Patrick Hillery
  7. Jack Lynch
  8. Chesny Battersby-Brown**
  9. Síle Seoige
  10. Grainne Seoige

* Yes, they truly only wanted the name of the continent.

** They would also have accepted Sam Aston.  Doubt anyone gave them that option though…

3 responses to Rhode Island Red answers

  1. Maybe they were expecting Sarah Palin to show. Could explain the Africa question.

  2. i dont think 5 and 6 are right either. Neither is Paddy Hillery and it doewsnt look like Gerry Collins-its the 1970 or 71 FF ard fheis where they threw out neil blayney

  3. No, that definitely is Paddy Hillery in the middle. Saw this pic a good bit when he died earlier in the year. I do live in Clare after all…

    To me, that did look like a young(er) Gerry Collins on the left. Certainly that’s what I put down – and got a point for it.

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