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November 17, 2008 in Quizzes

Rocky - Not a hen

Rocky - Not a hen

Last Friday night, along with my mrs and two of our two friends, David and Rena, I took part in a table quiz organised by the Social Club of our local county council.  David used to work in said council.

The quiz took place in a (very brightly lit) back room of the Queens Hotel, Ennis.  It wasn’t a very big room, which was handy for the host, who had to shout out the questions.  Obviously someone had forgotten to book an amplifier!

All in all, we had a fun night.  For almost the entire time, my only bug bear would have been standard of questions.  Almost all were far too easy, apart from maybe one in each round, which would be damn near impossible.  Perhaps this was to make up for the preceding questions?  Consider: our team were two points behind the leaders a half-time (5 rounds).  At the start of the final round (9, weirdly) we were still two points behind the leaders – almost everyone had gotten straight 10s for rounds 6 through 8!

How easy?  How about Who will be the next President of the United States of America?” or What is the name of the new James Bond film?”.  Taxing, they weren’t.

The hard questions then were very local.  I think most people know what I mean by that.  Questions put in to handicap any ‘blow-ins’.  On this night, questions  went along the lines ofWhich Clare hurling club have qualified for the Munster Intermediate hurling final?” To be fair, native Clare people might know that – it just happened that our entire team was made up of ‘immigrants’!

Also, there was an Irish round.  Here the questions were all as gaeilge, and our answers were expected to avoid the use of English also.  This was tough as none of our vocabularies stretched far enough.  One of the questions was to do with what was on the reverse of Irish Euro coins.  We all knew the answer, a harp, but none of us knew what the Irish word for harp was.  FYI it’s cláirseach.  Our 5 out of 10 here would turn out to be costly.

Anyways, getting back to the final round.  Surprinsingly, it was quite a hard round.  Afterwards, when the answers were called out, we had only gotten 8 out of 10 right, so we pretty much knew our chance of winning was gone.  However, our hopes were briefly raised when we noticed the leaders’ score being put up on the board – they had also scored 8.  Obviously we hadn’t won, but perhaps some of our other competitors had scored even less?

This note of optimism was soured when we saw our own score being put on the board – a 7!  Bafflement ensued as we’d heard the answer called out and we knew we’d only missed two.  Everyone else had scored 8, as far as I could see, and sure enough we finished up officially three points off the winners.  Prizes were presented and people started to drift off to the comfortably dim front bar.

Her name is Amber Bock.  Seriously.

A Rhode Island Red. This is a hen, as it happens.

Of course, I had to take myself up to the correctors’ table so see where the mystery point had gone.  It turned out that we had messed up with the following question: A Rhode Island Red is a type of what animal?”

Now, I say “messed up” but the fact is that we had answered ‘chicken’.

“So what did we do wrong?”, I asked.

“The answer we were looking for was ‘hen’“, answered one of the two correcting ladies.

I. Couldn’t. Believe. It.

“But what’s a hen, but a female chicken?”

“No, a chicken is a young hen.”

“What? That’s a chick.  And besides even a Rhode Island Red chick is still a Rhode Island Red.”

At this point the second corrector came to the assistance of the first.  “A chicken is a chicken and a hen is a hen.  Deal with it.”

At this point, I gave up on these people.  I know it didn’t matter (in a winning or losing sense) but COME ON!

There ends my tale.  I’ve included the picture round from the quiz below.  It showcases the “easy/bitch hard” dynamic quite well.

Picture round:


Answers here…

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  1. You and Mike should co-write a piece on the thatch bar “deliverance” quiz.

  2. Oh, you better believe there’ll be an article on here eventually about that scary night…

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