Falling over the line

December 9, 2008 in Quizzes

fd-quiz-poster1It was a tight squeak but our team, The Bearded M&Ms*, held on for victory in last night’s final round of The Front Door‘s Monster Pub Quiz.  At the end, victory (both on the night and overall) was ours but only just.

This was the third night of three in the Front Door and, as we sat down at our table, we knew we had a four point lead over our nearest challengers for the big prize.  By half-time things weren’t looking so rosy as, in rounds 2 and 3, we’d put in our worst performance in two consecutive rounds for a long, long time.

Our mood wasn’t helped by an surprise visit to our table by the quizmaster, who told us to watch out for any secreted mobile phones in the room.  “Someone just got 9 right in round 3”, he told us.

As we’d found round 3 so hard (will explain below) that we’d felt lucky to score 5 in it ourselves, we could see what he was getting at.  There was googling afoot…

As an aside, it was nice to obviously be thought of as above cheating.  We’ve now won 6 quizzes in The Front Door since the start of September and yet he clearly felt that not only were we not cheats ourselves, but we were also honest enough to be on the lookout for it.  In the sense of the latter he was mistaken though.  We did see cheating going on – but who wants to be a snitch?!

Returning to the quiz itself, we picked ourselves up from the kicking we got in the first four rounds and proceeded to score 39/40 in the second half.  Thankfully this was enough to see us emerge victorious by 1 point, on 71.

Of the 9 points dropped, 8 were lost in just two rounds.  We missed three in the ‘Album names’ round and, as I’ve already mentioned, five in round 3: ‘Christmas Number Ones’.  Simple concept – he’d tell us the title of a song, we had to say what year it was Christmas No. 1.  Not so simple when it came to answering.  For a start, since Christmas is so close to the New Year, this leads to inevitable confusion in one’s memory.  Also, Christmas songs seem to be more linked to real-life memories than other trivia.  Cue lots of “No, I was definitely 12 when that song was No. 1…” arguments.

As usual, here are the questions we got wrong for you to have a go at.

  1. Which band/artist released the album Forth?
  2. Which band/artist released the album Three Imaginery Boys?
  3. Which band/artist released the album The Razors Edge?
  4. Christmas No. 1: Bohemian Rhapsody.
  5. Christmas No. 1: Reet Petite.
  6. Christmas No. 1: Mistletoe and Wine.
  7. Christmas No. 1: Mr. Blobby.
  8. Christmas No. 1: Another Brick in the Wall.
  9. On what date is the feast of St. Nicholas?

Here’s the picture round, this week presented in glorious Blur-o-vision**:


Answers here.

* We were The Johns last month.  It’s a bit of a running joke at this stage how we can’t settle on a team name.

** To give you a more authentic photocopy experience.

2 responses to Falling over the line

  1. What I was arguing was that I was no more than 12 as I wouldn’t be allowed go to the CIE Christmas party, that is all!!

    I know it didn’t matter because they were looking for the earlier release but I never said I was 12.

    Fecking hell Nolan!

  2. Well, you’ve given the game away now…

    I did my best to protect your identity!

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