GAA Golden Ticket answers

January 31, 2009 in Quizzes

gaelic-footballHere are the answers to the questions posed on RTÉ Drivetime Sport, as part of their GAA Golden Ticket giveaway.

  1. Oliver Gough (Wexford ’55 and Kilkenny ’63)
  2. Joe McNally (1982 and ’83)
  3. Bobby Beggs (Galway ’38 and Dublin ’42) and Caleb Crone (Dublin ’41 and Cork ’45)*
  4. Tony Davis and Martin O’Doherty (both Cork)*
  5. Limerick (1921)
  6. William ‘Squires’ Gannon (Kildare)
  7. Pat O’Neill
  8. Rome
  9. Christy Ring, Jack Lynch and Dan O’Keeffe**
  10. Antrim (1911)
  11. Con Murphy
  12. Offaly (1982)

If you’d like to hear how the final show went, with eight people taking part in an on-air quiz, you can check out the audio of the show

      1. here

* Problems arose here with the wording of the questions.  If you notice on my original post, I had actually spotted this! Mind you, so did Mícheál but someone messed up subsequently when putting the questions on the website.

** Bit of a trick question this one.  Dan O’Keeffe is on the Team of the Millenium as a Kerry player but he was born in Cork.

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