The First Dáil answers

January 21, 2009 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the picture question from the post on the first Dáil.

Obviously you had to either be Irish or be into Irish history to have had a hope of getting these.


Identities (with constituency):

  1. Michael Collins (Cork South)
  2. Richard Mulcahy (Dublin Clontarf)
  3. Cathal Brugha (Waterford County)
  4. Arthur Griffith (Cavan East and Tyrone North East)
  5. Éamon de Valera (Clare East and Mayo East)
  6. Count George Plunkett (Roscommon North)
  7. Eoin MacNeill (Londonderry City and National University of Ireland)
  8. W.T. Cosgrave (Kilkenny North)
  9. Kevin O’Higgins (Queen’s County)
  10. Ernest Blythe (Monaghan North)

If you feel like trying to identify the remaining chaps, you’d better start here.  Good luck with that!

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