Where in the World is Teresa Lowe?

February 13, 2009 in Back in the day, Quiz Show

rte1des90Sunday nights in the author’s childhood home had a metronomic regularity to them. Before 9pm (the dreaded “bedtime”) arrived, the following schedule was obeyed: homework had to be done by 7pm so that the Sunday night bath could be fitted in before 8pm. This was so we could then watch Where in the World? (8pm, hosted by the lovely Ms Lowe) and Glenroe (at 8.30) before vanishing up the stairs so our dad could watch the Nine O’Clock News in peace.

WitW? may be the show that got me into quizzing.  To paraphrase JFK this was not because it was hard, but because it was easy.  In fact, the ease with which I could answer 90% of the questions asked each week led to a love/hate relationship with the show.

Unlike Countdown in the UK, WitW? had a minimum age requirement of 18 for entrants. This seemed horribly unfair at the time. I quite fancied the idea of winning a holiday to Rio de Janeiro! Also I knew someone who had appeared on it. One of my former primary school teachers took part, along with the rest of his table quiz team. I’ve forgotten how they got on now, all I can remember is that they all had to adopt the one surname (to preserve the illusion that they were members of a family). His appearance showed that, if you were good enough (i.e. did the odd quiz), you could get on – it wasn’t a closed shop. Except if you were under 18.

What happened the year I did reach the magical age of qualification? RTÉ cancelled the show.

And with regard to the question that forms the title of the post…

After WitW? Teresa Lowe left RTÉ and is now a practising barrister in the Dublin circuit. I kid you not. As Pat Short said one time “Good girl Teresa!”

PS. I’d love to have included some pics or a vid clip of Where in the World? with this post but, as far as my searching skills can tell, the internet is a black hole when it comes to this show. 🙁

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  1. what was the theme tune please dont disappoint

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