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Drivetime Sport’s Irish Soccer clips

March 30, 2009 in Quizzes

Somebody behind the scenes at Drivetime Sport on Radio One must be a quizzing fan. Perhaps it’s Des Cahill himself?  Where other shows would have one simple question and a phone number, competitions on RTÉ’s early evening show tend to engage the brain and the trivia gland.

Last week, in the buildup to the Irish football team’s two big games against Bulgaria and Italy, they ran a competition for a trip for two to the away game in Bari on Wednesday night, with flights and accommodation thrown in.

Entry was simple. Each night, from Monday to Thursday, they played the same three clips, back-to-back. All one had to do was email in the names of the players who scored immediately after the commentary was cut off.  Sort of like a ‘What happened next’ round.

Click more… to have a listen for yourself.

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Habitat in the Huntsman answers

March 25, 2009 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions and picture rounds I posted earlier today.

For those who are interested, I should have mentioned that my team finished on a score of 84.5 out of 100. By the end of the night we still hadn’t figured out why/how we’d come by that half point. This score was enough to see us home as winners, by 2 (or was it 2.5?) points.

Click more… for to see the answers.

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Habitat in the Huntsman

March 25, 2009 in Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityIt seems that Habitat for Humanity is inextricably linked with my quizzing at the moment.  Last night, less than two weeks since our event in Ennis, I found myself taking part in another Habitat quiz.  This time the venue was The Huntsman Inn, Galway.

It was a nice, small quiz but run pretty well. I got to overhear the funniest statement that’s been said in my vicinity for a long time. Following a question about Pádraig Harrington’s world rank in golf, a debate ensued on a neighbouring table. Fiji’s most famous golfing son must have been mentioned. “Vijay Singh?  Is he not the guy who wrote the Playboy of the Western World?” Oh joy – the ‘Overheard in Galway’ blog can now be started!

We had two picture rounds (included after the more) and an audio round to keep us entertained aswell as some questions from straight out of left-field. A decidely funny murmur went round the room when question 6 of the 10th round was read out: “What is the capital of Japan?”  The incongruous ease of this question sparked off suspicion and all tables must have had the same debate – ‘Is that a trick question?’. Bizarrely, it wasn’t. One of my team-mates reckoned there was a simple explanation – “They probably only got round to writing the final round at 6.30 this evening…”

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HQ Round 9: Answers

March 24, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

the rutlesFinally, finally.  Here are the answers to the Dodgy Covers round from early today.

With it, we are now done with the raking over of the luke-warm coals from last week’s Habitat for Humanity table quiz.

I’ve milked this for all its worth just in case it’s another 4 years before I get to write another one!

Answers after the more…

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HQ Round 9: Dodgy covers

March 24, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityAnd so the end is near, it’s time to face the final curtain…

That’s right, we’ve done it our way here on the blog with our re-run of the Habitat for Humanity quiz taking almost two weeks, and all that for just nine out of the 10 rounds!

Here’s the final one. It’s an audio round: Dodgy cover versions.

It’s a simple concept, you’ll hear a clip of an unusual cover version of a well-known song and you have to say the name of the song and who’s doing this version. On the night, this round was worth 20 points as we wanted both answers for each song.

You’ll find the clips after the more…

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HQ Round 10: Answers

March 23, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

friday 13th

Here we go with the answers to the no-longer correctly titled On This Day round I posted earlier.

Go on, click more…

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HQ Round 10: Friday March 13

March 23, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityI know what you’re thinking. “Surely there can’t be any rounds left from the Habitat for Humanity quiz?!”

Well, I’m afraid you’re wrong. And there’s still one to go after this! Even though this one here may seem a little out of date at this point.

To explain, this round was originally called On This Day, as it is based completely on questions to do with Friday March 13 (the night of the quiz). As it’s now Monday March 23, I’m worried that this ship may have sailed. Oh dear.

Anyway, click the more… if inquisitiveness, or an obsession for completeness, compells you.

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Don’t make me hurry answers

March 22, 2009 in Quiz Show, Quizzes

old-radioHere are the answers to the questions posed in the Don’t make me… Hurry round I posted on Friday. Sorry for the delay but, hey, it’s the weekend!

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