HQ Round 10: Answers

March 23, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

friday 13th

Here we go with the answers to the no-longer correctly titled On This Day round I posted earlier.

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  1. Which famous American University was founded on March 13 1639? A> Harvard
  2. Which member of U2 was born on March 13 1960? A> Adam Clayton
  3. Which planet was discovered by astronomer William Herschel on March 13 1781? A> Uranus
  4. Thomas Watt Hamilton killed 16 children and a teacher on a shooting spree at a primary school in which Scottish town on March 13 1996? A> Dunblane
  5. Which former British Prime Minister, better known for the blend of tea named after him, was born on March 13 1764? A> Earl Grey
  6. A person celebrating their birthday on March 13 belongs to which star sign? A> Pisces
  7. The founder of Scientology was born on March 13 1911.  What was his name? A> L. Ron Hubbard
  8. Which social networking website was bought by AOL for $850m on March 13 last year? A> Bebo
  9. Which war ended on March 13 1940? A> The Winter War or Soviet-Finnish War
  10. When was the most recent year in which March 13 fell on a Friday before 2009? A> 1998

Right, we’re almost there now. Tomorrow is an audio round: Dodgy Covers.

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