HQ Round 10: Friday March 13

March 23, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityI know what you’re thinking. “Surely there can’t be any rounds left from the Habitat for Humanity quiz?!”

Well, I’m afraid you’re wrong. And there’s still one to go after this! Even though this one here may seem a little out of date at this point.

To explain, this round was originally called On This Day, as it is based completely on questions to do with Friday March 13 (the night of the quiz). As it’s now Monday March 23, I’m worried that this ship may have sailed. Oh dear.

Anyway, click the more… if inquisitiveness, or an obsession for completeness, compells you.

  1. Which famous American University was founded on this day in March 13 1639?
  2. Which member of U2 was born on this day in March 13 1960?
  3. Which planet was discovered by astronomer William Herschel on this day in March 13 1781?
  4. Thomas Watt Hamilton killed 16 children and a teacher on a shooting spree at a primary school in which Scottish town on this day in March 13 1996?
  5. Which former British Prime Minister, better known for the blend of tea named after him, was born on this day in March 13 1764?
  6. A person celebrating their birthday today on March 13 belongs to which star sign?
  7. The founder of Scientology was born on this day in March 13 1911.  What was his name?
  8. Which social networking website was bought by AOL for $850m on this day March 13 last year?
  9. Which war ended on this day in March 13 1940?
  10. When was the most recent year in which March 13 fell on a Friday before 2009?

Update: here are the answers.

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