HQ Round 2: TV Theme answers

March 16, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

Round 2 - Click for full sizeHere are the answers to the TV Theme Tunes round I posted earlier.

Hopefully the hosting site held up long enough for you to listen to the clips.

Click more… to see the answers.

  1. A> Bosco
  2. A> CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  3. A> Fr Ted
  4. A> Wimbledon (BBC)
  5. A> Doctor Who
  6. A> Scrubs
  7. A> The X Factor
  8. A> The A-Team
  9. A> Snooker (BBC)
  10. A> The West Wing

The BBC Sports Dept has certainly had some tremendous theme tunes over the years!

Coming up tomorrow: Primary School Geography.

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