HQ Round 3: Real names

March 15, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityUnfortuntely the site where I host media files is on the blink today so round two, TV Theme tunes, will have to wait until tomorrow.  In the meantime, let’s skip ahead to round three, Real names.

This round has a simple concept. Loads of famous people are known by stage names, pseudonyms or professional titles. Here I will give you the birth names of 10 famous people and you have to say by what name is each person better known.  As an extra help I’ll also give you their date of birth and where they were born.

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  1. Joseph Ratzinger (b. 16 April 1927, Germany)
  2. Richard Starkey (b. 7 July 1940, England)
  3. Rosemary Brown (b. 30 August 1951, England)
  4. Yosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (b. 18 December 1878, Georgia)
  5. Sean Combs (b. 4 November 1969, USA)
  6. Thomas Woodward (b. 7 June 1940, Wales)
  7. Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (b. 31 August 12, Italy)
  8. Lhamo Döndrub (b. 6 July 1935, Tibet)
  9. Michelangelo Merisi (b. 29 September 1571, Italy)
  10. Natalie Hershlag (b. 9 June 1981, Israel)

Update: here are the answers.

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