HQ Round 6: Youtube round

March 18, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityOn we go with this recreation of last Friday’s Habitat for Humanity tablequiz.

Round six marks a first for the blog as we brave the Web 2.0 and present you with a video round.

On the night itself, these clips were played one at a time, with the competitors being asked two questions on each video. Yes, that’s right, this was the first of two rounds where 20 points were up for grabs. Anyway, for the purposes of the blog, I’ve combined the clips into one video, with the questions posted underneath.

Click more… to see the clips.

The video clips (about 7m 30s):



  1. (a) To what airline did this flight belong? (b) What is the name of the airplane’s captain?
  2. (a) During which soccer tournament did this debate take place? (b) With which international side does the player being discussed play?
  3. (a) On what date did the 2008 US presidential election take place? (b) In which city did this speech take place?
  4. (a) Name the male host of this show. (b) Name the female host shown.
  5. (a) Against which team did Ronnie Whelan score? (b) What was the final score in this match?
  6. (a) What was the first Irish statement spoken in this ad? [accurate English translation accepted] (b) Which RTÉ personality is mentioned in the ad?
  7. (a) Who is doing the impersonation of David Caruso? (b) What is the name of Caruso’s character in CSI: Miami?
  8. (a) Who is interviewing Dara Ó Briain? (b) What was the name of Dara’s first show on Irish TV?
  9. (a) Which film is shown here winning the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature? (b) The film follows the unusual occupation of Phillipe Petit. What does he do?
  10. (a) Which host of Top Gear is shown? (b) What car is he driving?

Hopefully this works OK for everyone.

Update: here are the answers.

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