HQ Round 9: Answers

March 24, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

the rutlesFinally, finally.  Here are the answers to the Dodgy Covers round from early today.

With it, we are now done with the raking over of the luke-warm coals from last week’s Habitat for Humanity table quiz.

I’ve milked this for all its worth just in case it’s another 4 years before I get to write another one!

Answers after the more…

  1. A> Toxic by Mark Ronson
  2. A> Stairway to Heaven by Rolf Harris
  3. A> Wonderwall by The Mike Flowers Pops
  4. A> Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm
  5. A> A Hard Day’s Night by Peter Sellers
  6. A> I Will Survive by Cake
  7. A> Cry me a River by Glen Hansard
  8. A> Independent Women by Elbow
  9. A> Walk this way by Hayseed Dixie
  10. A> Teenage Kicks by Nouvelle Vague

So how did you do overall? The winners of the quiz scored 91/120. Of course, I only present nine round here so your score can only be out of 110.

Hope everyone enjoyed it!

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