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April 28, 2009 in Quizzes

16bolt-600aTension was in the air last night as we arrived for the final round of The Front Door‘s latest three-part quiz. As was outlined previously (here and here) we arrived at the venue in second place overall, 1 point behind the leaders The Living Room Rats.  We’d lost to them by a solitary point on night one and night two (in my absense) had been even closer, with my team-mates only prevailing following a playoff. Definitely these were worthy opponents!

Before the quiz kicked off there was some confusion as to whether we were indeed trailing.  One of the staff members told us that we’d be given the extra point for last week’s playoff win and were, thus, level with the Rats. This didn’t quite ring true with our sense of things but, not wanting to stare too long at the gift horse, we said nothing. However, the same lady did come back to our table a few mins later to admit that she’d made a mistake and we were still 1 point in arrears.

The eight round quiz started with a couple of Front Door staples. Today’s News, Acting Connections and Song Titles. You’d think after doing almost 10 quizzes in this bar since the Autumn we’d be able to ace these but, no, you’d be wrong. In fact, we lost all seven of our dropped points in these first three rounds (as usual, click more…). We finally reached maximum points with 5/5 in round four, the Picture round. This gave us 10 points – that particular marking scheme being another Front Door staple.

The scores were read out for the first time at half way. We were in the lead with 33/40, with the Rats trailing in joint third on 29 points. Thus we were 3 points ahead on aggregate!

From there to the end we were untouchable as rounds 5-8 definitely suited us. They were Geography, Music, Sport and General Knowledge.  We managed to score 40/40 in the second half of the quiz!

At the end, our 73 points saw us winners on the night by 2 from a team whose name I regrettably have already forgotten. Sorry! The pressure must have been too much for the Rats as they ended up fourth on the night, on 65 points. So we won the overall prize (€500, thank you very much) by 7 points!

As usual here’s the picture round, followed by the seven questions we got wrong.


  1. Last night Sir David Attenborough, almost 50 years after his first, won a BAFTA. Was it his second, third or fourth award?
  2. Who is currently #1 (in the British chart) with the song “Number 1”?
  3. What movie featured Demi Moore and Donald Sutherland?
  4. What movie featured Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson?
  5. What movie featured Samuel L. Jackson and Michelle Rodriguez?
  6. Who sang the song “When you’re gone”?
  7. Who sang the song “The Heart never lies”?

The quizmaster in The Front Door has  a knack for being (unintentionally) funny. We had another cracker last night when he read out the answer to the question “In which country will you find the city of Anchorage?” as:

“Anchorage is in Alaska. But since Alaska is technically in the USA, we’re also accepting that answer.”

Very generous of them!

Update: Answers are here.

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