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April 29, 2009 in Housekeeping

Officially openThis blog was born in a fit of humourous rage back in November.  Since then we’ve ambled along, meeting once a week or so, for some quizzing distraction.  Time flies when you’re having fun and I must have been because, almost without noticing it, the blog already has over 60 posts!

So I now feel the time has come to declare my commitment to this relationship.

To this end, you may already have noticed that the blog is no longer just plain old tablequiz.wordpress.com.

From today, it’s officially tablequiz.net

On this auspicious occasion it’s only fair that I express some gratitude also.  Thanks to Mikey for the guest blogs. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has added a comment, however glib, flippant or mocking! And, of course, thank you to all the people who’ve just came by and read the blog.

I’m thinking of adding some features to the blog in the near future. I think there’s definitely a need for a calendar of upcoming table quizzes around these parts. I’m also thinking of running quizzing competitions – if I can get my hands on some good prizes that is!

3 responses to Welcome to tablequiz.net

  1. Congratulations John!

    The only thing is now Dave Fanning has the wrong address! 🙂

    I must try to remember my guest blog ideas and write one.

    Any plans for a change of colour scheme?

  2. Will be posting the Fanning show later today. Then you can have a good laugh 🙂

    As for change in design, yeah it’s also on the todo list.

  3. Will ya look at whose website just got out of nappies. 🙂

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