Eurovision Tuesday answers

May 13, 2009 in Culture

Eurovision old logoFollowing the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, here are the answers to the Eurovision questions I posted yesterday.

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  1. In what year did ABBA first enter the Eurovision? A> 1973. Their first song ‘Ring Ring‘ finished third at the Swedish national selection contest.
  2. Which country has won the title on the most occasions? A> Ireland, with seven wins.
  3. Where did the first Eurovision take place? A> Lugano, Switzerland.
  4. Teach-In won the 1975 contest for The Netherlands, with which song? A> Ding-a-Dong.
  5. In what year did four countries share the title? A> 1969.
  6. Celine Dion won the 1988 contest, for which country? A> Switzerland.
  7. In what year did the UK last win the Eurovision? A> 1997.
  8. Who was Ireland’s representative at Congratulations, the Eurovision’s 50 year retrospective event? A> Johnny Logan.
  9. As of 2008, which country has competed in the contest the most times without a win? A> Portugal.
  10. Which nation has withdrawn from the 2009 contest after the EBU requested they change the lyrics of their chosen song? A> Georgia.

Stay tuned to the blog as on Thursday I’ll be doing a Eurovision-themed pics and vids round. Sorry folks, the week turned out to be busy. 🙁

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