Eurovision Tuesday

May 12, 2009 in Culture

Lordi win the EurovisionThe 2009 Eurovision Song Contest takes place this Saturday evening in Moscow. Or rather the final does. The main event is preceded by two semi-finals, the first of which takes place tonight (Tuesday), with the second semi occuring on Thursday night.  After the semis, the field of 42 countries will have been whittled down to the 25 competitors who will take part in ‘the world’s biggest television programme’.

The first Eurovision took place in 1956 and, in the 53 years since, it’s become something of a cult. Nothing else combines culture, popularity and negative street cred as the ESC does. In its time, it’s managed to spawn a GrammyRecord of the year‘, a revolution and, perhaps most famously of all, ABBA.

Unsurprisingly, it’s also something of a quizzing gold mine, with venues, hosts, interval acts and gaffs all being viable themes for quiz rounds before one even gets to the acts and their songs.

Anyway, here’s my attempt at digging into that Eurovision trivia seam for a few quizzing nuggets.

I’ll post some regular questions today and some flashy, multimedia questions later in the week.


  1. In what year did ABBA first enter the Eurovision?
  2. Which country has won the title on the most occasions?
  3. Where did the first Eurovision take place?
  4. Teach-In won the 1975 contest for The Netherlands, with which song?
  5. In what year did four countries share the title?
  6. Celine Dion won the 1988 contest, for which country?
  7. In what year did the UK last win the Eurovision?
  8. Who was Ireland’s representative at Congratulations, the Eurovision’s 50 year retrospective event?
  9. As of 2008, which country has competed in the contest the most times without a win?
  10. Which nation has withdrawn from the 2009 contest after the EBU requested they change the lyrics of their chosen song?

Update: answers here.

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