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June 13, 2009 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions posed in the Tag Rugby post yesterday.

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  1. From which song do the following lyrics come? “The girls come easy, And the drugs come cheap, We’ll all stay skinny, Cos we just won’t eat” A> ‘Rockstar‘ by Nickleback
  2. Who won the 2009 All-Ireland U21 mens football title? A> Cork
  3. Who did Bohemians FC defeat in the 2008 FAI cup final? A> Derry City
  4. How many points did Michael Jordan score in his 17 year NBA career? A> 32,292
  5. Which river flows through Sligo town? A> Garavogue
  6. True or False – No word in the English language rhymes with “orange”? A> True*

Picture round:

Tag Rugby picture round

  1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  2. Oprah Winfrey
  3. Russell Brand
  4. Anthony Keidis
  5. Seán Kelly MEP
  6. Vijay Singh
  7. Gerry McCann
  8. Guy Ritchie
  9. Chris Evans
  10. Jake Gyllenhaal

We missed #16 there. Vijay didn’t look like Vijay on the original photocopy.

* Either a case of incorrect quizmaster or incorrect QI. As I’m thinking of doing a piece about QI’s inconsistencies anyway, I decided to hold my counsel in this instance.

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