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September 9, 2009 in Quizzes

Dayana_MendozaHere are the answers to the questions I posted in the Back in the game… post yesterday morning.

There are a couple of these that are dodgy. For instance Q1, Q3 and Q13 had more than one name for the right answer.  Then, I opened up the business section of a certain Sunday newspaper to see a front page story declaring that the film they announced as Q8’s answer had been beaten into second place in this summer’s cinema takings (in Ireland anyway) by The Hangover.  Bad luck to the organisers if this fact changed in the four days following the quiz. Otherwise they must have been wrong.

As usual, we play the ball as it lies and we’ll be back there again at the start of next month for the 2008 quiz.

Regarding the answers below: If you got them all right, here’s a bit of advice: send off your application to become a question writer for Trivial Pursuit: Game of the Year Edition right away. 🙂


  1. The Japanese Aerospace Agency launched the world’s first Greenhouse Gases observing satellite in January. What is its name? A> Ibuki
  2. On what date did gunmen attack a bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan? A> March 3
  3. Greenland made major steps towards independence from Denmark this year.  What is its new official language called? Greenlandic
  4. On what date did actress Farrah Fawcett die? June 25
  5. Which film won the “Worst Picture” category at the 29th Golden Raspberry awards in February? A> The Love Guru
  6. Which actress founded Flower Films, the company behind the movie He’s Just Not That Into You? A> Drew Barrymore
  7. Who directed the 2009 version of Friday the 13th? A> Marcus Nispel
  8. Which film is the highest grossing of 2009 so far, and set a record for midnight release? A> Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  9. Which horse won the 2009 Dubai World Cup? A> Well Armed
  10. Who came second in this year’s Tour de France? A> Andy Schleck
  11. On which date did famous boxing commentator Reg Gutteridge die? A> January 24
  12. Arsenal player Eduardo was banned for two games by UEFA this week. The first of those two games will be against Standard Liege.  Who will Arsenal’s opponents be in the second? A> Olympiacos
  13. Who said the following quote: “… they showed us the boat inside and out, how they work and what they do, we took a ride around the land and it was a loooot of fun!”? A> Dayana Mendoza (Miss Venezuela), on visiting Guantanamo Bay
  14. How long was the solar eclipse of July 22nd, the longest seen from Earth this century? 6 minutes, 39 seconds



  1. Calista Flockhart
  2. Debra Messing
  3. Jennifer Garner
  4. Sharon Stone
  5. Madonna
  6. Britney Spears
  7. Denzel Washington
  8. Jodie Marsh
  9. Beyoncé Knowles
  10. Jennifer Lopez

It’s probably the cruelest picture round I’ve ever seen!

Up above, I would like to point out that we were very close on two of them.  Q8 was a case of the dreaded “rethink” as we actually had HP & THBP down on our answer sheet before rubbing it out and going with Transformers 2. What were we thinking!?  And with Q10, we did have the surname correct – only trouble is we went with the wrong brother. 🙂

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  1. In Galway, the Huntsman has no quizes til January now. Is there anything on tomorrow (Mon Nov 30th) night? I see the feed on upcoming quizes is down. Is there anywhere else I can get such info? Any help appreciated.


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