Back in the game, if not the zone

September 8, 2009 in Quizzes

happy-new-year-2009Ever had the feeling that you’re out of your depth?

By which I mean: ever had the feeling you can’t swim properly because the water is too shallow?

Well that’s the feeling I had at last Wednesday night’s quiz in The Dáil Bar, Galway.

This is the first of The Dáil Bar’s three themed quizzes, which will take place on the first Wednesday night of each month.  The first night’s theme was easy enough to understand: 2009.

However, the selection of questions almost entirely from the 2009 Wikipedia page (as we discovered the next day) led to a huge range of question difficulty, encompassing the easy (“Which country took over the presidency of the European Union on January 1st?”) to the downright ridiculous (“On which date did famous boxing commentator Reg Gutteridge die?”).

I know every question is easy to those who know the answer but, come on, even those people to whom Reg Gutteridge is “famous” almost certainly don’t know which date he heard the bell for the final time.  “Which famous boxing commentator died on blah-blah-blah?” would have been a nicer way to do it.   To be honest, my team still wouldn’t have known the answer but I think that would be a more-balanced way of using this piece of information as the basis of a question.

We also had the unusual experience of being a table of film fans (two serious, one less so and the fourth who’s just submitted a thesis for a Masters in Film Studies!) and yet, between us, we had seen ONE of the films used in the Movies round. How so? Well, let’s just say they are all (bar the one) hanging around the lower end of the Rotten Tomatoes freshness scale… Mind you, that was the whole point, in the case of one of the questions 🙂

I’ll touch briefly on the music round which, unfortunately, I can’t include in the questions below. Sufficed to say, I must now be getting old, such was the bewildered look that I caught myself giving as most of the electropop tunes were played! Oh dear.

We struggled home in fourth place, 1 pt behind third (and a cash prize, dang it!) but a whopping 9 pts behind The Hairy Nipples, the night’s winners, who certainly know their 2009.

Here are the questions that defeated us:

  1. The Japanese Aerospace Agency launched the world’s first Greenhouse Gases observing satellite in January. What is its name?
  2. On what date did gunmen attack a bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan?
  3. Greenland made major steps towards independence from Denmark this year.  What is its new official language called?
  4. On what date did actress Farrah Fawcett die?
  5. Which film won the “Worst Picture” category at the 29th Golden Raspberry awards in February?
  6. Which actress founded Flower Films, the company behind the movie He’s Just Not That Into You?
  7. Who directed the 2009 version of Friday the 13th?
  8. Which film is the highest grossing of 2009 so far, and set a record for midnight release?
  9. Which horse won the 2009 Dubai World Cup?
  10. Who came second in this year’s Tour de France?
  11. On which date did famous boxing commentator Reg Gutteridge die?
  12. Arsenal player Eduardo was banned for two games by UEFA this week. The first of those two games will be against Standard Liege.  Who will Arsenal’s opponents be in the second?
  13. Who said the following quote: “… they showed us the boat inside and out, how they work and what they do, we took a ride around the land and it was a loooot of fun!”?
  14. How long was the solar eclipse of July 22nd, the longest seen from Earth this century?

And where would we be without the Picture Round, in glorious black-and-white?

2009-ugly-picturesAnswers coming up later. You have my best wishes!

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