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September 18, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

Free t-shirt!The opening round of the Ray D’Arcy Show All-Ireland Quiz took place in Sligo last night with myself and my team-mates in attendance.

The aim of the night was to find four teams who would then go through to 1v1 knockout rounds, live on Today FM, in October.  I’m delighted to say that you’ll be hearing our voices on-air next month as our team, Universally Challenged, managed to finish in the top four – just!

All-in-all, this was one of the best run quizzes I have had the pleasure of taking part in. It kicked-off at 8.15pm and, helped by the fact that, with six rounds of 10, it was more of a sprint than a marathon, was over before 10pm! Recently I was a a quiz in Galway that didn’t start until 9.50pm, so that made a nice change. 🙂

The quiz was held in the main conference hall in The Radisson Hotel. This was a very impressive venue, featuring seven projector screens throughout the hall. There was also an excellent PA system which meant that, in spite of the room’s size, no table could claim to have been unable to hear the questions.


Not everything was perfect though, as we were treated to a “meet the tables” piece between each round during which Jenny would visit eight or so tables with a microphone, thus allowing Ray to introduce each team and chat with them. While I could see two points behind this (to make everyone feel special, and to give the correctors some time to work with) it did get a bit tedious after the first few tables.

The questions on the night were varied and well thought out.  I know you’ll say one always feels good about a quiz one has done welll in but I particularly enjoyed the “audio” round (not “music”, as there were clips of dialogue from movies) even though it was our lowest score.

At the end, we finished on 48pts. This caused us both mirth (as we did seem to always score 8pts) and anxiety, as we just scraped into the top four. Going into the final round, we were 2pts behind qualifying but managed to achieve a heretofore impossible 9pts.  This, combined with a team that was ahead of us only getting 6pts, elevated us into joint-third with that team and one other. It had been explained at the outset that any ties would be broken by comparing how the teams had done in the final round. With two of us having scored 9pts, it meant that the Ballymahon team’s 6-pointer had cost them one the double and they were officially fifth. While I obviously felt sorry for them, it did mean that we were through!

There was no picture round on the night so here are the other questions we missed:

  1. Which county is sometimes known as the “Model County”?
  2. An ambush is the collective noun for which animal: lions, tigers or bears?
  3. Chemistry, Tangled Up and Out of Control are all albums by which group?
  4. Three’s a crowd, Someone special and The perfect man and are all books by which author?
  5. Turin is the capital city of which Italian region?
  6. Minister Conor Lenihan is a TD for which constituency?
  7. Amarillo is in which US state?*
  8. It’s fifty years since Cliff Richard had his first UK No 1. What was the name of the song?
  9. Andrea Corr got married to whom, in August this year?
  10. What age is former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern?

We missed two further questions but these are audio questions and I don’t have the clips. Sorry.

Update: the answers are here.

* This was actually an audio question, but it’s one that doesn’t really need the song, obviously.

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