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November 14, 2009 in Quizzes

sea-the-starsTowards the end of the Summer, we (my family) moved house.  We moved two hours north to the Roscommon/Mayo border.

This has put a slight dent in my quizzing calendar as I’m slowly coming to terms with living in a new place with a different quizzing ‘scene’.  Truth be told, until yesterday I’d only heard of one quiz taking place and that, alas, happened on the night before my morning on the Ray D’Arcy Show quiz.

Yesterday morning, I received a call from my wife.  She’d heard that there was a big quiz taking place in Claremorris later that night.  “That’s great,” I said, “but unless you hear of a team looking for someone, it’s a bit short notice.”

10 minutes later she rings back.  “Turns out the guy who told me about the quiz is actually looking for a fourth team member…”

“I’m in!”

So, last night I found myself walking in the door of the McWilliam Park Hotel knowing I’d be taking part in a quiz but not knowing what my team-mates looked like!  They were Ger, my wife’s colleague, his sister Marie and their brother-in-law Andy.  And I’m glad to say they were all very nice people and good craic too.  We called ourselves Ba-NAMA-rama.

Andy had come prepared.  “I’m convinced there’s going to be a question on ‘Sea the Stars’ so I’ve learned all about him.” he told us, before going on to name the horse’s trainer, owner, jockey and stud farm.  This boded well – surely, we already had at least one point in the bag?!

The quiz itself was a big one, with around 70 tables.  It was the annual fundraiser for the Claremorris GAA Club and it was clear they were well used to running it.  Instead of just announcing the event and hoping people would turn up, the club sold tickets á la their annual dinner dance, four for each table, in advance.  So, for example, this explained why I was there.  Marie had bought four tickets and thus, when she only had three team members earlier in the day, she did her best to find a fourth.  In other circumstances, if you were thinking of going along but couldn’t get a full team, you’d be tempted to just stay at home and not bother.

The quiz featured 10 rounds, including two picture rounds (one on hairstyles!) and a music round, which was worth 20 points.  Thus, the quiz was marked out of 110.  The quality of questions was even, with each round featuring one or two real tough ones.  This made for a nice challenge.

The sports round kicked off with “Who trains the famous racehorse Sea the Stars?”  Andy was over the moon – you’d think we’d just won the quiz!  In truth we all had our moments of inspiration.  Marie knew without thinking that Hearts were the only suit of cards where the king didn’t have a moustache whilst Ger knew that Declan Corcoran was the Mayo referee who took charge of this year’s All-Ireland Ladies football final.  For my part, I knew that ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon‘ was performed by Dawn. 🙂

At the end of the night we finished second with 97 points, just one off the winners.  Andy was particularly happy as he reckoned he’d never ever finished in the top three in a quiz.

Here are the questions we missed
.  See how you do:

  1. Which Kenny Rogers song begins with the line “In a bar in Toledo”?
  2. How many contestants start each episode of The Weakest Link?
  3. “Colmcille Gibson’s name wouldn’t look good in lights so he changed it to what?”
  4. What were the two Taliban guerillas who were killed by a bear last week eating at the time of the attack?
  5. In which Irish city did a street collapse last week?
  6. What was the name of Westlife’s first No. 1 single that had only one word in the title?
  7. How many siblings did former US President John F. Kennedy have?
  8. Who was the Roman god of fire?
  9. Which former Austrian President went on to become Secretary General of the United Nations?
  10. In which year did the following events take place: Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the GAA voted to allow Soccer and Rugby into Croke Park, Cork won the All-Ireland Ladies football final.

Picture rounds:



Update: answers are here.

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