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March 13, 2010 in Quizzes

I returned to the blog yesterday after a hiatus of almost three months and, if my site’s stats aren’t damned lies, over 100 people called in to view the new post.  Thanks everyone!

Before I reveal the answers to the questions I posted, I did say I’d come clean on my good fortune in the raffle.

To be honest, it wasn’t much to write home about.  First prize was announced as a Barbecue. Yes, an actual barbecue! Don’t worry, I didn’t win that.

What I did win was second prize: a set of barbecue tools. 🙁

I ended up passing these to my team-mate Tom, as there is already a fine set of barbecue utensils in my shed. Still, it gave us a laugh on the night. 🙂

Here are the answers:

  1. Which manufacturer provides the balls for this year’s English Premier League? A> Nike
  2. Only two English league clubs contain the letter x in their name.  Name them. A> Exeter City and Crewe Alexandria *
  3. Who holds the record for the most goals scored in the League of Ireland? A> Brendan Bradley
  4. Which Irish club used to play at the Market’s Field? A> Limerick FC
  5. Which former Irish international made his league debut at the age of 15? A> Paul ‘Ski’ McGee
  6. With which League of Ireland club did George Best play? A> Cork Celtic
  7. Name Packie Bonner’s twin brother who played for Galway United. A> Denis Bonner
  8. Who is the current manager of St Patrick’s Atheltic? A> Pete Mahon
  9. How many international goals has Robbie Keane scored? A> 41 **
  10. What was the name of Liam Brady’s last Italian club? A> Ascoli ***
  11. In which decade were substitutes introduced to English league football? A> 1960s
  12. Which club used to play at Vetch Field? A> Swansea City
  13. Which player holds the record as Ireland’s youngest ever senior international? A> Jimmy Holmes
  14. Against which team did Wayne Rooney score his 100th goal for Manchester United? A> Wigan Athletic
  15. Which club plays at Valley Parade? A> Bradford City ****
  16. Who scored the first ever hat-trick in the English Premier League? A> Eric Cantona

Picture answers

1. When they were young:

  1. Steven Gerrard
  2. Thierry Henry
  3. Frank Lampard Jnr
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. Deco
  6. David Beckham
  7. Ronaldinho
  8. Fernando Torres
  9. Lionel Messi
  10. José Mourinho

2. Irish greats:

  1. Johnny Giles
  2. Ronnie Whelan
  3. Paddy Mulligan
  4. Kevin Moran
  5. Steve Heighway
  6. Terry Phelan
  7. Terry Conroy
  8. Eoin Hand
  9. Don Givens
  10. Tony Grealish

3. Current Irish Internationals:

  1. Kevin Kilbane
  2. Sean St Ledger
  3. James McCarthy
  4. Paul McShane
  5. Darron Gibson
  6. Stephen Carr
  7. Kenny Cunningham
  8. Daryl Murphy
  9. John O’Shea
  10. Kevin Doyle

Couple of “how could you get that one wrong?” incidents:

* We confidently wrote down “Exeter and Wrexham”, sat back and didn’t think any further. Turns out, Wrexham are currently a non-league team. 🙁

** Yes, this is a shameful one but we weren’t far out – we went for 42.

*** I was outvoted on this one by my team-mates, who both went for Bari –  a club it turns out he never even played for!

**** We answered Charlton Athletic. Check out the name of their stadium to see why.

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