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April 16, 2010 in Quizzes

Last night I had the privilege of hosting a quiz in the Mayo village of Tooreen.  Tooreen is known for two things: a hurling club and a ballroom, where the devil may or may not have appeared.

Last night it hosted what I have been assured was the first quiz held in the hall for many, many years.  Locals stretched their memories to the limit just to come up with the last time that any questions were asked of the hall’s patrons and no answer was forthcoming.  The hall itself is vast – bigger than the local church; bigger, in fact, than any building for miles around.  Well, last night we had crowd of 11 tables, which didn’t even approach half-filling it.  I’m told that there’ll be more quizzes in the future though, so it’s a start.

Obviously, as I was reading out the questions and not attempting to answer them I can’t include the usual “here’s a few I missed”.  However, I will post up the picture round from the night for you to have a go at.

Picture round:

Give it a go!

Update: answers here.

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