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October 29, 2010 in Quizzes, Rehab

Flashback: It’s October 2007, and three-quarters of my regular team are doing quite well in the Galway qualifier for the Rehab All-Ireland Pub Quiz. In fact, we’re two points ahead going into the final round. Alas, that final round was on food and drink and, while we rarely need a ‘Phone a friend’ lifeline, we could have done with some help that night.  A score of 4/8 saw us plummet from first to third and out of the competition.

Last night saw our full team line out in the Clayton Hotel for this year’s event.  Unlike three years ago, we did have the relative comfort of knowing that the top two teams were now going through. Yes, I know, that would’t have helped in 2007 but it did take away a bit of the pressure. Given the level of the questions we received, it turned out to be a night of very light pressure.  Pressure so lacking as to almost be a vacuum, in fact.

The night featured 10 rounds of six questions. We finished up on 56/60, one behind the winners.  Unfortunately, we were tied in second place with another team. As they only wanted two qualifiers, a tie-break was announced – we were both to face another round of six questions. This didn’t separate us though, both teams got all six right. Neither did another round of six. Or a third round after that! So, after 18 extra questions, the organisers made the fair decision that we should both go through. Huzzah! See you in Athlone!

On the whole the night’s questions were pretty easy. I actually let out a guffaw at one point, when the quizmaster prefaced the final question in the first tie-break round with “This could be the one that decides it” and then proceeded to ask us “Who was the US President at the time of the Watergate Scandal?” The snort was completely involuntary, and I was immediately embarrassed to the point of mortification (everyone was looking at our two teams by then, of course), but what can you do?

A most baffling addition to the cannon of quiz last night was the ‘Odd one out’ round. The questions simply featured four words (three in one case) and you had to say which was out of place. We amazed ourselves by getting them all right as, during the round, we felt as if we were at sea without a life raft. We flapped around, trying to work out what the links might be before, eventually, deciding that we weren’t clever enough to spot them and plumping for the most obvious, inane, primary school answer. It turned out that these were exactly the standard of answers that were sought! Examples of questions included:

  • Eagle, plane, cloud, squirrel.  A> Squirrel, as the others can all be seen “flying through the sky”.
  • Ear, lip, chest, ear. A> Chest, as the others are all “on your face”.

Throughout the entire night we got five wrong, and had mentioned the correct answer in two of those, before picking something else. Such are the fine margins of error. Two of them we dropped in the final round so we almost threw it all away – again! Thankfully, that wasn’t to be the case. 🙂


  1. Who wrote ‘She stoops to conquer’?
  2. In which year did the Irish Potato Famine end?
  3. The River Jordan flows into which sea?
  4. The city of Las Palmas can be found on which island?
  5. CaCO3 is better known as what?
  6. Question we got, but I liked: Name the last British Prime Minister who didn’t have a wife.

Picture round:

Returning finally to the All-Ireland quiz, it’s early days yet in this event if anyone out there would like to enter. You can check out this link to see when and where your nearest qualifying event is. Qualifiers are running from now until November 12 before the final itself takes place in Athlone on November 19. The recently retired Míchéal Ó Muircheartaigh will be quizmaster on that night so it should be entertaining. There’s also the small matter of €4,000 for the winning team.

Hope to see you there!

Update: answers, get your answers!

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