Two out of two answers

November 12, 2010 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

“Two parts of the eye were discussing who told better puns. The debate raged on, ’til one said to the other, ‘You, my friend, are simply the pupil. I am by far the cornea of the two of us.’…”

Boom, and indeed, boom.

Getting back to the point of the blog, after a day of ‘batten down the hatches‘, I now have the time to post the answers to the questions I posted on Wednesday.

Eye hope you weren’t blinded by …. [I need to stop it. Seriously!]


  1. What is the capital of the US State of Montana? A> Helena
  2. Who is the Minister for Social Protection? A> Éamon Ó Cuív
  3. Name the three judges on the Irish version of The Apprentice. A> Bill Cullen, Jackie Lavin, Brian Purcell
  4. Name the two female TDs who represent constituencies in Cork. A> Kathleen Lynch, Deirdre Clune
  5. What is Ireland’s tidiest town, 2010? A> Tallanstown
  6. Which Irish actor appeared in Fawlty Towers? A> David Kelly*
  7. What do the letters DNA stand for? A> Deoxyribonucleic acid
  8. What is the technical name for the white portion of the human eye? A> Sclera
  9. Which horse won the 2010 Aintree Grand National? A> Don’t Push It
  10. Con Murphy and Anne Cassin present what television show? A> Crimecall
  11. Which journalist replaced Charlie Bird as RTÉ’s American correspondent? A> Richard Downes

Picture round:

  1. Sarah Newman
  2. Katherine Heigl
  3. Brian Friel
  4. Deirdre Purcell
  5. Johnny Ronan
  6. Colin Farrell
  7. John Lennon
  8. Johnny Giles
  9. Adam Sandler
  10. John Rocha
  11. Kevin Dundon
  12. Hugh Grant

There you go.

* For shame, I knew exactly who he is and what he looks like but I still went ahead and wrote down ‘Frank Kelly‘.

2 responses to Two out of two answers

  1. Hi, Not sure where to post this but just wanted to let you know there is a Table Quiz in Walsh’s Pub, Charlestown, tomorrow, Friday, Nov 19th at 9 PM if you would like to give it a lash! Sambos and Treats too!
    Love your page.

    • Hi there, welcome to the site!

      I did actually hear about your quiz earlier in the week. Alas, I’m already promised to a quiz on Friday. Sorry!

      Best of luck with it!

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