Don’t bet the farm: answers

December 12, 2010 in Quizzes

Good day to you all.

Here are the answers to the questions I posted in yesterday’s Don’t bet the farm on it post.

Some of these were a wee bit controversial, and I’ve included footnotes to explain why.


  1. What is the world’s most popular non-alcoholic drink? A> Coffee*
  2. Who is the 2010 Moto GP World Champion? A> Jorge Lorenzo (or “George” as he was called here)
  3. Who is the only Claremorris player to have won two Gaelic Football All-Star awards? A> Kenneth Mortimer**
  4. In what stadium do the Ospreys rugby team play? A> Liberty Stadium
  5. Who was the first person eliminated from the live TV stage of this year’s X-Factor? A> Nicolò Festa
  6. What name did TV chef Jamie Oliver give his son who was born this year? A> Buddy Bear
  7. What is the name of The Script’s current album? A> Science & Faith
  8. Which Mayo Teagasc office was recently closed down? A> Ballina
  9. In what year did comedian Dermot Morgan die? A> 1998
  10. In what year was the Irish smoking ban introduced? A> 2004

Picture round:

  1. José Mourinho
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Eamon Gilmore
  4. Macra na Feirme
  6. New Holland***
  7. Connacht Gold
  8. Aviva
  9. Skype
  10. Bacardi

Our team had 23 points at half-time, and were in joint second at that time. We finished on 47 so we were consistent if nothing else! The picture round above was a bit of a shocker though as we only got seven right, which is probably my lowest score for a long while.


* What sort of question is this? What does “popular” mean? We wrote down “water”, which I’m sure is the actual answer to this question, given the way that it’s phrased! Did they perhaps mean “popular” in the sense of “most money is spent on”? Who knows!

** This one caused bafflement. Ken Mortimer is one of the greats of Mayo GAA. The thing is though, he’s from Shrule and GAA fans know (or presumed they knew) that his club was Shrule/Glencorrib. However, it turns out he played for Claremorris for one season, at the very end of his playing career. Still, “Claremorris player” is stretching things a bit.

*** I felt personally burned here. I was quite proud of spotting this logo as being that which adorns the front of Fiatagri tractors. And I’m right, except that it is also the logo of New Holland (they’re part of the same group) and the colour scheme shown here if the NH version. As you can see above, Fiatagri use green leaves on a white background.

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