‘Tis the Season

December 15, 2010 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Even Santa struggles with Christmas questions.After the ice-enforced two week break, I was pleased on two accounts when I made my way back to Gilligan’s for the Tuesday Quiz Night, last evening.  Firstly, it turned out that the quiz itself had been called off for the past fortnight – so I hadn’t missed anything.  Secondly, as it was the last quiz before Christmas, it was their annual “Christmas Quiz”!

What did that mean? Well, firstly there was free food! Happy days for me!  Also, there was a free raffle for all participants. Lady luck finally smiled on yours truly and I finished the night with a box of Milk Tray under my arm… 🙂

Alas, the final part of the seasonal trinity, questions about Christmas, didn’t suit me near as well.

My team finished the night in joint third, on 94/107*. The winners were just two ahead of us, and we’d lost three points in the Christmas round. Ho ho humph.

Here are the questions we missed:

  1. Londoner Thomas J. Smith invented what Christmas item in 1847?
  2. What were Frosty the Snowman’s eyes made from?
  3. What is the largest country in Scandinavia?
  4. What did Englishwoman Mary Dale do earlier this year which made her infamous?
  5. What did Dorothy have to steal from the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz?
  6. In which city is the International Court of Justice based?
  7. Napoleon Bonaparte had a phobia of which animal?
  8. Which of these countries has the largest population: Russia, Nigeria or Bangladesh?
  9. How many Feet are there in a Fathom?
  10. Name both of Santa’s reindeers whose names begin with the letter C.
  11. Who invented the Christmas Card in 1843?
  12. By the end of The Twelve Days of Christmas, how many gifts have been given?

Picture round:

In spite of the loss, I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  This brings to an end the first half of the Gilligan’s quiz season. The next quiz isn’t until January 11.

Best of luck with the questions.  I’l post the answers tomorrow.

* This strange total comes from: nine rounds of 10, but with one featuring a bonus point, and the 16 points from the picture round.

3 responses to ‘Tis the Season

  1. A few guesses and ones I know:

    1. Christmas Stocking? (I know it’s a British thing originally)
    2. A corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of COAL 🙂
    3. Is it not Sweden?
    4. Not a baldy
    5. Which wicked witch? Not the slippers then?
    6. Dunno
    7. Is it cats or horses?
    8 & 9. Not a clue
    10. Cupid and Comet (still struggling with the reindeer John?)
    11. Dunno
    12. To lazy to work it out (12×1)+(11×2)+…

  2. Oh wait oh wait, court is justice is in the hague no?

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