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January 16, 2011 in Back in the day, Quiz Show

Teresa Lowe on The Late Late ShowOn Friday night, Theresa Lowe, the former host of RTÉ quiz show Where in the World?, appeared on The Late Late Show with her husband, pianist and former political candidate, Frank McNamara.  This appearance had a direct effect on this site as over 400 people visited between 9.30pm and midnight, brought here by this post.

Great for, to be sure, but what lies behind this surge in interest?

Well, thanks to the WordPress system’s thorough statistics, we can actually see what search engine terms lead people to wash up on the site.

100 people simply searched for “Theresa Lowe”. Another 55 sought out “Teresa Lowe”, and I can’t slag these people off as that’s how I spelled her name on my old article.

A significant minority were very interested in her age with answers to terms such as “Theresa Lowe date of birth” and “What age is Theresa Lowe?” etc being sought on google by over 20 different people.  Presumably, these folks must think she’s looking well these days.

Theresa's hair - Acceptable in the '80s

Certainly, in terms of hair style, she is! 🙂

Age wasn’t the only intimate information being sought.  The person looking for info on “Theresa Lowe dundrum” must have been trying to track her down geographically. Another searcher wondered if she had any sisters whilst the person who wanted to know about “Teresa Lowe and affair” was probably very disappointed when they ended up on this site!

Finally, two people searched on google for “Theresa Lowe barrister”. Perhaps they’re due in court soon?

Update (17/2/2012): It’s happened again! Was Theresa on TV last evening? The site received a huge spike in readership yesterday helped, so the stats system tells me, by over 200 people googling Theresa Lowe last night. I must thank her if our paths ever cross in real life. 🙂

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