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January 27, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Good day all. Here are the answers to the questions posed in yesterday’s post, Snooker loopy.

Apologies to anyone who saw yesterday’s post within the first hour as you’ll probably be surprised to see 16 answers below.  The original version of the post only included 14, as the other two were hidden around the back of my note-taking device.

At least that’s proof I don’t take my iPhone out during quizzes… 🙂


  1. What is the national flower of India? A> Lotus
  2. What do you call a young zebra? A> Colt*
  3. Which team did Tyrone defeat in last weekend’s Dr. McKenna Cup match? A> Donegal
  4. What is the full name of the Dublin debt collector who is known as “The Viper”? A> Martin Foley
  5. In what year did the Lockerbie bombing take place? A> 1988
  6. What are the dimensions of a snooker table? A> 6 foot x 12 foot
  7. In what years did Alex Higgins win the Professional World Snooker title? A> 1972 and 1982
  8. At which race track does the Kentucky Derby take place? A> Churchill Downs
  9. By what nickname did Anne Frank refer to her diary? A> Kitty
  10. How many boxes are there at the start of an episode of Deal or No Deal? A> 22
  11. Who goes by the nickname “The Thunder from Down Under”? A> Neil Robertson
  12. Who was known as the “Galloping Major”? A> Ferenc Puskás
  13. What musical duo were first known as Tom and Jerry? A> Simon & Garfunkle
  14. Who had a hit in the 1980s with ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for You‘? A> Glenn Medeiros
  15. According to the Book of Genesis, on which day did God create light? A> First
  16. Which British football club are known as “The Stags”? A> Mansfield Town

Picture round:

  1. Brian Lenihan Jr.
  2. José Manuel Barosso
  3. Michael Carruth
  4. Richard Dunne
  5. Kerry Katona
  6. Vernon Kay
  7. Mel Gibson
  8. David Hasselhoff
  9. Gary Barlow
  10. Matt Lucas
  11. Daniel Craig
  12. Ronan Keating
  13. Kevin Dundon
  14. Michael McIntyre
  15. Bernie Nolan
  16. Johnny Vegas
  17. Sinead Desmond
  18. Lacey Turner
  19. Seán Óg Ó hAlipín
  20. Cheryl Cole

Lots of interesting answers there.  Certainly several I haven’t heard before, which was nice.

The picture round included two people I’d never even heard of, yet alone seen.  Now that was disconcerting!

* So the quizmaster said. That wiki article seems to refer to them as foals – which was our (guessed) answer. It is a type of horse, after all.

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