Time waits for no man

January 15, 2011 in Quizzes

I feel old. In a quizzing sense, that is.

Last night I hooked up with Ger, his sister Marie and brother-in-law Willie and took part in the Claremorris GAA Club quiz.  It was our first outing as a group since our epic triple overtime win last April so we felt confident.  However, it wasn’t to be.

The reason for our defeat was quite plain: the music round. Nothing in the world of quizzing makes you feel aged more than listening to some modern tunes and being totally baffled by them.  It’s one thing to think “Oh yeah, what is that one?” and spend some minutes trying to drag the song title from the depths of your brain.  It’s totally disheartening though to listen to a track and not have a single flicker of recognition.

Unfortunately, the music round was worth 20 points (one each for title and artist) and, being the only such round on the night, meant that doing badly here was doubly punishing. We scored 12/20, with the eventual winners getting 20. Their not-so-secret weapon was a teenage daughter.

I need my own little girl to grow up fast!

We finished joint-third on 98/110 while the winners scored 102. Seven rounds were 10/10 so it really was all down to that single round. This was even worse than the ‘Name the year’ disaster at the All-Ireland quiz.

I’d struggle to even locate the various songs we failed to get so all I have for you are the regular questions we missed:

  1. Name the year: Foot and mouth is discovered in Ireland, the GAA votes to abolish its controversial rule #21, Ireland rejects the Nice Treaty referendum.
  2. Which of the world’s oceans is the smallest?
  3. How many TDs are there in the Dáil?
  4. What was the name of the Chilean mine in which the 33 miners were trapped in 2010?

Picture round (in stretch-o-vision!):

I’ll post the answers tomorrow (or perhaps Monday).

‘Til we next meet…

4 responses to Time waits for no man

  1. p.s.

    The “impossible music round” !!

    1. Take That
    2. Bruce Spingstein
    3 Miley Cyrus
    4 The Commodores
    5 Michael Buble
    6 Dixie Chics
    7 Elvis Costello
    8 JLS
    9 Gerry Rafferty
    10 Cheryl Cole

    • Not impossible – just very difficult for our team!

      Here’s how we scored:
      1. 1
      2. 2
      3. 0
      4. 2
      5. 2
      6. 0
      7. 2
      8. 0
      9. 2
      10. 1

  2. Howya John,
    I just had , so I am on a bit or a high .i had a WSE in school so i`m on a bit of a high,well done on the Tubridy thing , sounded mighty.I`ll be in Giligans soon .once ai catch up on lost sleep……bye

  3. oops …I see lot, lots of typos !!!!! lack of sleep ! Did I mention I haven`t had much sleep lately ??

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