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January 6, 2011 in Quizzes

Last Friday, New Year’s Eve, I was an attendee at the wedding of my good friend Niall and his lovely wife Catherine.

A really nice touch, well if you’re me anyway, was the holding of a quiz for the first hour or so of the wedding banquet. 🙂

As we took our seats in the dining room, we noticed the Lewis Carroll-esque box you see here. Upon opening this we discovered 20 cards, each containing a trivia question. As the theme of the banquet was 1980s TV (I was sitting at the MacGyver table, for instance) most of the questions related to this.

However, the quiz also featured four questions about the bride and groom. These were a clever addition, in my opinion, as they were obviously google-proof.  That said, our table actually did well on these questions, even managing to correctly guess how many stitches Catherine had to receive after a nasty fall, aged 5.

It was seven, just in case anyone ever asks…

If you’d like to pretend that you too were one of Niall and Catherine’s wedding guests, then here are the questions for you to try yourself:

  1. On the A-Team, what does Hannibal say during every episode?
  2. What was Kevin’s girlfriend’s name in The Wonder Years?
  3. What do the letters stand for in M*A*S*H?
  4. What was the theme tune from The Greatest American Hero called?
  5. The actor who played Koyak was godfather to which famous actress?
  6. What was the full name of Magnum’s estate manager in Magnum P.I.?
  7. Which actor played Doogie Howser, MD?
  8. What planet did ALF hail from?
  9. The actor from question 7 above has recently appeared in which TV series?
  10. In Fraggle Rock, what was the name of the dog who knew about the Fraggles?
  11. Who played Wonder Woman?
  12. What was the surname of the family in The Cosby Show?
  13. What business featured in Falcon Crest?
  14. Which Foundation did MacGyver work for?
  15. Which actor played Michael Knight on Knight Rider?
  16. What were Cagney and Lacey’s first names?

Tables had until the start of the soup course to fill in their answer sheet and hand it up. The wedding planner then handed the sheets back out in an orderly fashion to different tables, so they could be corrected.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll post the answers to the questions AND tell you how we got on.

Update: here are the answers.

7 responses to Wedding (Singer) quiz

  1. Regarding question 2, the actress who played said character (Danica McKellar) has (or had) family around the Sacramento area and I’ve seen her at least once at the airport here.

    • Nice bit of trivia there John.

      You’ve also answered my “Where is she now?” question. 😉

      • Believe it or not, she’s writing Math books. She’s one of the few people with both a Bacon Number and an Erdos Number.

    • She’ll have to get in line behind my favourite owner of an Erdos number: Natalie Hershlag.

      BTW, you’ve definitively gone native now that you’ve dropped the s from the end of Maths. 🙂

      • Ara feck off. She’s writing the books over here, so they’re math books. If she was writing them o’er yonder, they’d be maths books. 😉

  2. Was at the Niall & Ca’s too and the quiz was great fun but the controversy after the answer sheets were marked and the winners announced was even more fun!!!!

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