From Dogger Bank to Rockall to answers

February 17, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions posed in yesterday’s blog post.

As I said then, my team ended up winners on the night.  Our 94 points was enough to leave us four points clear at the end.  This margin was a good thing, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment.

My team-mates, Andrew, Colin and Aidan, all contributed to the win. Just for the record here are the things I learned at this quiz:

It’s that last fact that is slightly bothersome. We didn’t know the answer, that’s true, but we didn’t seek it out.  This chap was in the process of leaving the bar and, after putting on his coat, he glanced over at us and, presumably, saw the blank looks on our faces.  So he just told us. Now, once you’ve heard the right answer, you can’t just forget it again! So we walked the moral tightrope and put it down on our answer sheet.

Still, I’m glad we didn’t win by a single point. 🙂

Questions answered:

  1. Name the brothers who invented corn flakes. A> John Harvey and William Keith Kellogg
  2. What web site was originally called “(David and) Jerry’s guide to the World Wide Web”? A> Yahoo*
  3. Tahrir Square was the epicentre of the recent Egyptian protests but what does Tahrir mean? A> Truth**
  4. Which is Ireland’s second-longest river? A> Barrow
  5. What make of airplane was involved in last week’s Cork Airport tragedy? A> Fairchild Metroliner
  6. Which organisation won the Meitheal award at this year’s Mayo People of the Year Awards? A> Mayo Mental Health
  7. Who wrote Shirley Valentine? A> Willy Russell
  8. Comparing the circumference of the earth round the poles and the equator, the equatorial route is how much longer: 23, 46, 230 or 460 miles? A> 46 miles
  9. On which sea can you find the port of Murmansk? A> Barents Sea
  10. Which is larger: North Korea or South Korea? A> North Korea
  11. What is the common name in English for wine from the Bordeaux region? A> Claret
  12. On what date is St Swithun’s Day? A> July 15
  13. Which European country has a national anthem which features 158 verses? A> Greece
  14. Name the Irish journalist who was kidnapped in Baghdad, whilst working for The Guardian, in 2005. A> Rory Carroll
  15. What is Poland’s national airline called? A> LOT

Picture round:

  1. Martin Bell
  2. James Horan
  3. Gerry Adams
  4. Brian Dennehy
  5. Julian Assange
  6. Mario Rosenstock
  7. Wayne Rooney
  8. Keelin Shanley
  9. Neil Diamond
  10. Katie Melua
  11. Fergal Keane
  12. Keira Knightly

An enjoyable quiz, but then you’ll say “You would think that – since you won…”

* To be fair, I did say “It’s either Google or Yahoo” but, alas, picked the wrong one.

** Bit of a bummer here as, if wikipedia is to be believed, it actually means “liberation” – which is what we actually put down!

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