I predict a riot

February 22, 2011 in Quizzes

During my brief time in the media spotlight, the week before last, I told of how I saw a near-riot at a quiz in NUI Galway College Bar one night, when a question was asked  about the date of foundation of the Irish Free State.

Yesterday I received a report on an annual quiz which took place in Ballyhaunis on Friday last.  Controversy was in attendance on the night.  So much so, that my correspondent has asked me to keep his/her identity a secret.  I’ll let them tell you what happened.

There was actually some small town controversy at the quiz on Friday.

The defending champions were there and were the favourites.  Anyway, to cut to the chase, they won again.  They bet the second place guys by 1 point.  Now, the question that separated them was in the picture round. A black-and-white picture of a young guy playing under-14 football.  Turned out to be one of the guys on the winning team! Could only happen in the ‘haunis…

The second-place lads were ripping. We met them in [nearby pub] afterwards and they were bold over it. Then the winning crew arrived in and there was a deafening silence. NO banter at all. Their mood wasn’t helped when the champs started passing the cup around.

It was hardly Mastermind. A lot of the questions were based on knowledge of 1980s pop music.  The fault lies with the administrator though. This lot win almost every year and have their names on the cup and, even with that, they were given a really unfair advantage. Vile sabotage!

Here are some questions. I can only remember the ones we got*. Selective amnesia me thinks!!

  1. 2011 is the Chinese year of the what?
  2. Who was the transvestite character in M*A*S*H?
  3. What year did Elvis die?
  4. What is Shakespeare’s shortest play?
  5. Continue the sequence: Wolves, Inter, Leeds, Spurs, Liverpool, Spurs…
  6. What novel focuses around the assassination of Churchill?
  7. What film has a number in the title and has the initials OH & OD?
  8. Who is the Haitian president?
  9. What film has the tag line “Greed is good”?

Sounds like an interesting night.  I’m particularly taken by all the talk of a “cup”.  How sporty!

* Tut, tut.  Flying in the face of tablequiz.net policy.

Update: answers here.

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