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February 9, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

After three months of attending Tuesday Quiz Night in Gilligan’s Bar, Claremorris, it was finally my turn to be quiz master last night.

There was a good crowd in, with several newcomers padding out the table numbers to eight. Perhaps they heard about the quiz somewhere in the last week? 🙂

Obviously I can’t produce the usual list of questions I missed so, instead, I’ll give you a selection of questions and post the picture rounds.

Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Supporters of which candidate in the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency took to the Shannon in kayaks this weekend?
  2. Who scored Mayo’s late equaliser in their NFL game against Down on Saturday last?
  3. Which fish is the main ingredient in the Scandinavian dish Gravlax?
  4. By what name is the Spanish city of Donostia better known?
  5. On which wedding anniversary would you expect a gift made of wood?
  6. Orchestras set their pitch by listening to which instrument?
  7. Who took over as Tánaiste following the resignation of Brian Lenihan Snr?
  8. From which Roscommon village did former gaelic footballer, and Chief of the Defense Forces, Dermot Earley hail?
  9. Which Mayo town was originally called Newtown Dillon?
  10. The person who finishes last in the Tour de France is awarded what title?
  11. At which Olympic Games did Ireland win the most medals?
  12. Which stock exchange completed its first day of trading on February 8, 1971?
  13. On February 8, 1922, US President Warren G Harding brought the first what into the White House?
  14. Who was the last person, before Brian Cowen, to be Taoiseach whilst not being leader of their own party?
  15. Where is the only stadium to have been the main venue for two different Summer Olympic Games?
  16. The cast of which TV show were No. 1 in Ireland for eight weeks in 1991, with a song written by Michael Jackson?
  17. Fill in the missing word in this 1969 film title: “Krakatoa, ___________ of Java”.
  18. Which Scottish author uses his middle initial, M, to differentiate his contemporary and science fiction books?

Picture round #1:

Picture round #2:

Best of luck with them.

Update: answers here.

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