Back in the saddle

March 8, 2011 in Movies, Quizzes

Back in the day, by which I mean back before this blog existed, I used to make a monthly pilgrimage from Ennis to Galway to take part in the Bazaar Movie Quiz.  This wasn’t a bizarre movie quiz.  No, it was a quiz held in a bar called Bazaar.

Well, Bazaar is no longer there and, since it’s closing, there’s been a movie quiz shaped void in the Galway quizzing scene. This hole was filled last night by Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street*.

And lo!, it was good. Such a large crowd turned up that almost 100 people had to be turned away.  By the time the quiz did kick-off, the staff had managed to squeeze 27 tables into the bar’s upstairs room. Clearly, this quiz will be back!

It was also the first time our ‘A’ team got back together since the All-Ireland final last November. And lo!, we did good. 🙂

Ordinarily, I’d post the list of questions my team missed at this point but, if I did that, it would be the shortest post this site has featured. For, you see, we got three wrong. That’s right: 3**.

Here they are, with a few others that we did get thrown in for padding:

  1. In the film Gone in 60 seconds, what type of car did Nicholas Cage’s character leave until last? Or what nickname did he give it?
  2. In the Godfather trilogy, Corleone is not the family’s original surname.  What is?
  3. In the movie Kelly’s Heroes, who played Kelly?
  4. In Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, what character does Steve Martin’s character invent, who has “a cork on his fork”?
  5. The actors who played the following characters all appeared together in which 1984 film: Oskar Schindler, Max Rockatansky, Daniel Plainview and Hannibal Lector?
  6. In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, what was the name of the ‘Sausage King of Chicago’ who Ferris pretended to be, to gain admittance to a restaurant?
  7. The poster for this quiz is based on a poster for which movie?
  8. Who was the lead actor in that movie?
  9. Legendary actor Paul Newman starred in a 1973 movie filmed in and around Galway.  What is it called?
  10. In the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, what is the name of Capt. Jack Sparrow’s ship?

The quizmaster and the big screen

The quiz also featured two picture rounds (one featuring movie posters edited to remove the titles) and two audio rounds (a dialogue round and a movie score round). Alas the picture rounds were only on the big screen, so I have no sheet to include here.  It also had the following round – see if you can spot the theme (and name the actors):

  1. Who was the man who knew too much?
  2. Who was the man who knew too little?
  3. Who was the man with two brains?
  4. Who was the man without a face?
  5. Who was the man with one red shoe?
  6. Who was the man with the golden arm?
  7. Who was the man with the golden gun?
  8. Who was the man who shot Liberty Valance (really)?

Our final score of 65/68 promised much.  At half-way we’d been jointly in the lead with two other teams on 35/36.  Would those two dropped points in the second half prove costly? We knew things were going to work out well for us when we heard the quiz master announce “In third place, on 54 points…” It turned out we’d burned off all competition, and ended up winning by six points.  Which was nice.

In keeping with the tradition of the Bazaar quiz, the pace of the night was a bit erm… pedestrian.  Still, as it was their first night, I’m going to presume that things will speed up in the months ahead.  The next quiz takes place on Monday, April 4, and we’ll certainly be there!

Update: answers here.

* It’s definitely on Bridge Street, no matter what their posters say about the ‘Latin Quarter’!

** There was a bonus round, #9, which wasn’t part of the overall quiz and was solely for a crate of Miller beer.  We got one wrong in that, question #4 above.

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