Shamrock and roll

March 16, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Last night’s quiz in Gilligan’s was news-worthy for two reasons, neither of them brilliant.

I received my first serious complaint about the blog. A gent who hosted a quiz here a few weeks ago objected to the fact that I’d used his work, and (first) name, without his permission.  I offered to take down the post involved and he agreed.  So I have now done that.

Second, my great run of #winning is over.  It was a close run thing but my team, the topically named Shamrock, lost out by a single point to Outback, who scored a magnificent 99/110.  As you all know, I normally hate losing by a point but, after five weeks of being on winning teams, it didn’t feel so bad. 🙂

I think the quiz master also didn’t feel too bad about it – he voiced his relief that there was no need for a tie-breaker!

Questions we missed:

  1. What is the nickname of Mayo boxer Michael Sweeney?
  2. How many members were there in the band Village People?
  3. Which country contains the world’s largest number of Roman Catholic citizens?
  4. Which Olympic event is closest in distance to 1 mile?
  5. What is the main spirit in the cocktail ‘Tom Collins’?
  6. Which underground system features the more stations: New York or London?
  7. Which island nation was hit by an earthquake in October 2010?
  8. How many contestants start each episode of The Weakest Link?
  9. Which former Mayo senior footballer made his debut for Wicklow last weekend?

Picture round*:

Answers will be here tomorrow.

* There is a clue here, in the order of the photographs.

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  1. that village people question is a bit vague-do they mean at one time or the total amount since formation

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