One of those nights

April 7, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

A clue for #12.

Following last week’s hiatus, I resumed my usual Tuesday night travels to Gilligan’s, Claremorris, and its Quiz Night.  Alas, it wasn’t to be a triumphal return.

Myself and my randomly assigned team had one of ‘those’ nights. Mental blanks on answers you know, changing correct answers to incorrect ones, mishearing the question – we did them all. We still came in second, four points behind the winners, but it all felt a bit self-inflicted.

Hopefully, I used up enough bad luck and bad judgement to leave me in the clear for at least my next four quizzes!

We finished on 77/100.  There was no picture round on the night so I should have 23 questions for you.  Unfortunately, I popped out for a moment during one of the answer calls – so you’ll have to make do with just 21!


  1. What was the final score in last weekend’s National Football League game between Mayo and Cork?
  2. What is the English name for the tree known in Irish as fuinseog?
  3. Following last month’s election, what number is the current Dáil?
  4. Who is the only female member of the Dragon’s Den TV panel?
  5. Who is Mayo’s most-capped senior footballer?
  6. What birthday is Aer Lingus celebrating this year?
  7. How many female members are in the current cabinet?
  8. Who launched the ‘polaroid’ camera in 1948?
  9. Which Scottish town gives its name to a famous pattern?
  10. Who is the author of the best-selling novel The Brightest Star in the Sky?
  11. Who is President of Syria?
  12. TD Lucinda Creighton’s fiancée is an outgoing-senator.  What’s his name?
  13. What number Taoiseach is Enda Kenny?
  14. Sheeps Head is located on which bay?
  15. Which is Ireland’s first ‘eco’ town?
  16. In what position did Mary Bryne finish in last year’s X-Factor?
  17. Where does the Electric Picnic festival take place?
  18. Who wrote the song ‘The Streets of New York’?
  19. What was the final cost of the Moriarty Tribunal?
  20. How many members are in NATO?
  21. Who is the current Mayo Person of the Year (i.e. winner for 2010)?

Plenty to think about there.

Update: answers here.

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  1. Bob said on April 7, 2011

    Popping out when the answers were being called – Tut tut. Wasn’t your night at all, was it?

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