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April 22, 2011 in Podcast, Quizzes

I host a show on Claremorris Community Radio every Friday morning.  It’s the Good Morning Show*, and sounds exactly you’d expect a show with that name to sound: music, diversions, you-text-in-and-I-read-it-out etc.

My own contribution to the format of the show is the Friday Five Trivia, where I ask five good questions to my faithful (or accidental) listeners.  There’s no prize on offer, it’s just a little something to blow off the cobwebs and wake up the brains out there. As I say. C’mon, I’m an amateur radio DJ! 😉

Anyway, from today I’m going to take the recording of my asking of these questions and post it on the brilliant as a podcast. Here’s the first one, embedded in the post for your easy access:

If you’d like to subscribe to these weekly pods, here are the links:

Update: due to my own silliness, the end of the clip has been cut off. Click on the Continue link to see the answers.

Due to my not noticing that there is a 5 minute limit on podcasts at audioboo, the final answer got cut off.  Here are all the answers (with my apologies):

  1. Roscommon 0-17 Mayo 1-12
  2. Goodluck Jonathan
  3. Vienna and Bratislava
  4. Canada (Montreal, 1976)
  5. Pulses (or Legumes)

* It took me seven weeks of calling it “The Breakfast Show” before I realised (i.e. someone pointed it out) that this is actually its name.

3 responses to Something new, something Boo

  1. You sound so friendly on the radio!
    The beans peas and lentils answer was cut short.
    I think I know the answer, but there might be a few people who are cursing the clip in frustration

    • Oops. Thanks for the heads-up John. Turns out one can only post 5 minute clips on audioboo.

      I’ll know for next week.

      In the meantime, I’ll add the answers to the bottom of the article.

  2. I’ve just come back to look at this post. I didn’t spot your opening remark last Friday as I was too busy worrying about the missing answer.

    What do you mean by I sound “friendly”? Surely that statement infers that normally I don’t?!!? 😉

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