It’s Rock n’ Roll (Kids)

May 19, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest may have come and gone but our host at this week’s quiz in Gilligan’s, Claremorris, had just come back from attending the event in Düsseldorf.

This led to the round I’ve been waiting my entire life to try: a Eurovision music round!  More on that later.

I was paired up with Aidan, who I’ve been been with before, and his mate Andrew, who was making his Gilligan’s debut.

Our highest scoring round on this night was nothing to do with the song contest, mind you. Round 5 featured a hand-out listing 20 car models, with teams asked to identify the manufacturer of each. A 20/20 here took us from also-rans into joint second at half-time.  In the end, our team won by the narrowest margin possible, our 120/150 pipping my mate Ger’s group to the line.

At least it wasn’t on countback

Here are the questions we missed:

  1. Why was Kirk McCambley in the news in 2010?
  2. In what year did Muamar Gaddafi gain power in Libya?
  3. What was the surname of Pat, the Cork postman who won the Lotto in March of this year?
  4. In a hospital, what do the letters ENT represent?
  5. What is the ‘Star of India’?
  6. Name the two leads in the 1991 film Frankie and Johnny.
  7. Name the male and female leads in the TV series Waking the Dead.
  8. Between 2000 and 2005, Dame Janet Smith oversaw which UK inquiry?
  9. Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury before Rowan Williams?
  10. What is the most populous city in India?
  11. What is the currency of Venezuela?
  12. What is the legislative capital of South Africa?
  13. What “P” is a word which describes someone who eats mainly fish and other sea food? *

Eurovision round (1-6: Year and country; 7-10: Year and performers. Point for each):

[soundcloud url=]

There was a picture round but I’m away from the scanner at the moment so you’ll have to live without it.  Sorry.

Give them a go.

Update: answers are here.

* Even though none of us knew the answer here, we put logic into play and guessed the correct answer. 🙂

3 responses to It’s Rock n’ Roll (Kids)

  1. 4. Ear, Nose, Throat.
    11. I’d guess peso
    13. Pescetarian

    • Two out of three there John.

      Not giving the Eurovision ones a go? No? 😉

      • Ah sorry – I didn’t see them. I looked at this in Safari and removed Flash for performance reasons. I’ll give it a look in Chrome in a few.

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