The song remains the same

June 3, 2011 in Podcast, Quizzes

This time last year*, The Corner Bar team scored 88/100 in the Ballyhaunis Inter-pub quiz.  A good score you’d think.  However, it turned out that our efforts were nowhere near good enough as the winners got 99 points.

Believe or not, the exact same scenario was played out again last night when we emulated our score of last year.  And, yet again, it turned out we were 11 points behind the winner.  Winners, actually, as there was a tie at the top.  Paddy Phillip’s and The Hazel had to go through an extra round before the former was declared the winner.

The winning score in this round was never announced so I can’t say how close our 7/10 was.  Not that it matters, of course.  Our 88/100 was only good enough to finish third-last in the field of 12!

Questions we missed **:

  1. Which snooker player was known as ‘The Grinder’?
  2. Who was named ‘Player of the Tournament’ at the 2010 World Cup?
  3. There is nothing like a Dame’ is from which musical?
  4. In the TV show I Love Lucy, what was Lucy’s surname?
  5. Who composed the William Tell Overture?
  6. Roy Roger’s horse was called Trigger.  What was his dog called?
  7. Which lake is the largest in the Republic of Ireland?
  8. How many McDonald’s restaurants are there world-wide?
  9. Which band sang the following lyric: “Maxwell Edison, majoring in medicine, Calls her on the phone, Can I take you out to the pictures Joan?”

The tie-breaker round:

  1. Which answers has come up three times tonight? ***
  2. What do the first, third, 16th and 26th presidents of the USA have in common?
  3. Name the two lead actors in the 1960s and 2000s remake of Alfie.
  4. Which European city has the longest mileage of canals?
  5. What to you add to Tomato juice to produce a Bloody Maria?
  6. Who designed the last set of Irish pound notes?
  7. Which English football team are known as “The Royals”?
  8. What is the postal address of The White House?
  9. What is the name of the scarecrow in Bob the Builder?
  10. In Greek mythology, who solved the riddle of the Sphynx?

Picture round:

I’m not sure when I’ll post these answers as I’m out of the country for a few days now.

* It was last August, to be factual.

** That I can remember.  We only missed one picture so obviously we must have missed 11 others but I don’t know what the other two are.

*** Don’t worry!  I don’t expect you to do this one!

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