Something to pass the time (9)

August 8, 2011 in Culture, Games

Throughout the Spring I did some part-time work for a local newspaper.  For two of the weeks I was helping out, the paper’s crossword compiler was on holiday and I offered my services.

The first week, things didn’t go so well.  I messed up and forgot to include one of the clues. Oops!  Still two readers did manage to complete the crossword up to that clue.  One of them even had a guess at what the missing word was!

The second week things went much better and, as there’s nothing going on in the world of quizzing right now, I’m going to attach the grid and clues onto this post.  Click the ‘Continue…’ to give them a go.

Crossword grid* (click for larger version):


1. Haile Selassie (1892 – 1975) was its last Emperor. (9)
5. Possibly the world’s greatest mathematician, gave his name to unit which measures magnetic field. (5)
8. River, originally named via the Spanish word for “reddish”, after its colour. (8)
9. Man of the match in 2011 Heineken Cup Final. (6)
10. A religious attendant or helper. (7)
11. Islamic prayer call rite, man must perform here. (7)
13. Irish revolutionary who helped the Congalese. (8)
15. The fletcher’s partner in archery. (6)
16. Kevin O’Malley is President of this Trade Union. (6)
18. Instrument that indicates distance travelled. (8)
21. Topic sung about by both Cliff Richard and Madonna. (7)
22. Lacking in imagination; dull. (7)
25. The voice box. (6)
26. Zimbabwean city which has produced Doris Lessing, Open golf champion Nick Price and Charlene Wittstock. (8)
27. A follower of the man in 1 across. (5)
28. Racquet sport, added to Summer Olympics in 1992. (9)

1. Primitive. (7)
2. A group of butterflies, named after the predominant colour on their wings. (7)
3. 1980s sitcom, starring Ronnie Corbett. (5)
4. An image or likeness. (4)
5. Performers get most anxious here? (5,4)
6. Completely and without qualification. (7)
7. Public representative hopes to snare some influence. (7)
12. Musketeer named after a mountain? (5)
14. Greek region in which 12 down is located. (9)
16. Used for delivering medication to the body via the lungs. (7)
17. The Northern star. (7)
19. Adel, star of season for recently promoted Queens Park Rangers. (7)
20. North American mammal, known for its facial mask. (7)
23. Between a zebra and a giraffe? (5)
24. Lyngstad, Ulvaeus, Andersson and Faltskog. (4)

* Note: This was originally printed in May 2011.

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