Another season of quizzing begins

September 2, 2011 in Quizzes

Summer, as you know, is a quizzing wasteland.  There must be something in the Irish psyche which is uncomfortable with being in a pub doing a quiz while it’s still bright outside.  Not that we have any problem being in the pub in the first place, mind you.

So, anyway, September has arrived and already I’ve heard about three quizzes this week!  Two of those were on last night (one in Ballinrobe, one in Castlebar) and it was off to Castlebar that we headed.

The quiz was held in aid of the ISPCA and it took place in Bar One on Rush Street.  It’s a lovely place, by the way.  The quiz was generally pretty easy, with the exception of the picture round (see below), which was pretty novel.  It featured two audio rounds: one-hit-wonders and film clips.  These were quite well done (and very loud!) albeit a bug cropped up in the dialogue round when the first 8 were replayed (as if that was all) before we were treated to clips 9 and 10 (and just once each at that).

There was also a ‘Tricky’ round.  This was, alas, not a round based on one of Bristol’s most creative musicians, but one composed of 10 questions were from the great big book of riddly questions.  Some that I can remember were:

  • How many of each animal did Moses take on to the Ark?
  • If you have 20 apples and you take away 4, how many have you?
  • What happened in 1961 which won’t happen again until 6009?
  • Why are 1939 pennies worth more than 1938 pennies?
  • What cheese is made backwards?
  • How many birthdays does the average person have?
  • What word do all university graduates spell incorrectly?

Here are the ‘proper’ questions that got us:

  1. What is the most common blood type in humans?
  2. Which Fine Gael TD was disciplined in 2004 for breaking the smoking ban?
  3. Who is the current President of Germany?
  4. Alan Shatter holds the title of Minister for Justice, Equality and what?
  5. How many countries are in the Eurozone?
  6. What is the main ingredient in the drink Tequila?
  7. The eggplant is also known as what?*

Picture round (Celebs do sport):

We scored 80 points (out of 90) and emerged victorious by the not insignificant margin of 8. The runners-up had some right to be annoyed at our presence – they were, themselves, ahead of third by an amazing 12 points!

Update: answers here.

* We got this one right but it led to a funny story I’ll mention in the answer post.

1 response to Another season of quizzing begins

  1. 1: O+ (my own type)
    6: Agave
    7: Aubergine (cheating here since I’ve lived where both names are used)

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